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Major Conference On Noise

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  • Major Conference On Noise

    The UK Noise Association is holding a one day conference in Edinburgh on 4th September 2003. It is our first one and we feel our conference will offer something different. Speakers include Dr Arline Bronzaft from New York. She is not only an academic, but an international anti noise campaigner and expert on the health affects of noise.

    I will be giving a presentation on domestic noise issues, including poor sound insulation and anti-social behaviour. I am doing some research to help with my talk and will be making an appeal for information on a separate posting on the NFH site.

    The conference is being hosted by Napier University and will be held at Murrayfield Stadium Conference Centre. The registration fee is £195, although we do have some concessions, so if you really want to come and can't afford the full price, please ask us about the concessions. Napier need to charge this amount to recoup costs for running the event, so concessions are limited, but don't be afraid to ask. Telephone 0207 329 0774 on a Tuesday or Wednesday, when I hope to be in the London office. Other times you could try 07887 940004.

    Of course we want to attract politicians, civil servants, local authority officers and other professionals, but we also want campaigners and noise sufferers to attend.

    This is also a chance for people north of the UK to attend a conference on noise. Most conferences are held in either London or the Midlands. If you book travel in advance you can sometimes get deals and there are lots of cheap B & Bs in Edinburgh (I've been told they can start from about £19).

    If you want more details try our web site:

    Please spread the word and let others know about the conference even if you can't come.

    Best wishes

    Val Weedon

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    Thanks Val!

    maybe some of our Scottish friends might be able to make it!

    please let us know how it goes if we cant get there!

    sounds interesting!