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What can I say (Update)

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  • What can I say (Update)

    First I would like to thank you Tracy, Holly & Misty you gave me great advice that helped me a lot

    I had a visit from my Housing officer, I wrote down all the things I wanted to say which kept me calm I showed my Housing officer the tapes of my neighbour, she was surprised at what she saw BUT told me they are worthless, she told me that if my case went to Court, they wouldn't use the tapes as evidence??

    I couldn't believe what she was saying, and I said to her if that was the case how come they use tapes in court when they catch Shoplifters, she couldn't answer me she just said they are useless

    I also gave her 5 Diary sheets, but because we had forgotten to post Feburary's diary sheet, she told us we have to start from scratch, as if the last 4 years of Hell never happened, I was so angry

    One thing she did say she would is write & visit my I didn't want her to because I know what would happen, well my NFH had a letter they were screaming abuse at us while we got into our car to go shopping we have had trouble all over the Easter holidays, we called the police 3 times but they never came round

    Thanks again for all your advice guys, I don't know where to go from here really, I feel that I have done all I can do & don't know where to turn next

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    sorry Dawnie,

    you keep fighting though.....just because you are having problems at the first hurdle doesnt mean you are not going to get over it in the end.

    you need to be on these peoples cases

    if they want you to record again then you do.......I know its a total drag and upseting, but you need to show you are not a victim.

    did the housing officer mean that because your nfh were not warned about the tapes thats why they cant be used?

    because if the LA set up recording equipment for example it can be used in court.

    it seems like "do what the gander says but not what he does"


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      Dawnie, I feel so disappointed for you. What the heck is your Housing Office up to?? I do recall that at one point one of my neighbours had tapes of things happening around his home. He handed them over to the HA and never heard any more. At a meeting I had with HA, police and Anti-social Behaviour Unit I mentioned the tapes and I was told they couldn't be used because they weren't clear enough and there were too many of them for the HA to look through!!! I have a feeling this is not true in your case.

      I really do feel you are being treated shabbily. This situation simply cannot be allowed to go on

      Have you contacted your MP? I was told by my MP's secretary that the HA WOULD listen to her. To be honest, although she tried not much changed. I only seemed to get the attention of the HA when I wrote a letter which was published in a national newspaper. I didn't mean it to be published, otherwise I'd have asked for my name to be witheld!! Somebody at the HA saw it and so did somebody at our local paper who asked me to write something for them. Have you considered contacting your local press? I can well understand you not wanting any publicity but they may allow you to tell your story and remain anonymous.

      You might also write a letter to your Chief Constable, he may pass it down the line but you can at least be sure it will get to a senior officer. Have you spoken to a solicitor? I understand the first half hour is free but he/she maybe able to give you some advice. The CAB might be able to help as well.

      I was told by an HA official who liaises with the Anti Social Behaviour Unit that six months is the period after which an investigation has to be started again. Not one month that your HA has told you.

      You must be feeling so down at the moment. You've tried your best and been rebuffed by an obviously uncaring HA. But please don't give up, not yet. Take a breather and gather your thoughts. I feel so angry for you I wish I could go down to your local housing office and vent my spleen at them.

      I'm sending positive thoughts to you and hope things settle down, even if only for a few days until you can start to decide on your next move. Take care

      "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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        Hi I cannot offer you much advice other than my support.

        Take action, do not procasinate, you will feel better for it.

        You need to get to somone in the HA who will support and champion your cause; if the person you are dealing with is not then you have no option but to take action and go above or around them.

        I have NFH as well and we are taking action, the NFH may get upset but that is only because they are not winning any more. Most bullies are like this.

        Remember stay positive, take action to make your vision happen and remember that you have 200 people on this site beside you and your partner.


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          Oh Dawnie I'm really sorry to hear about the attitude of the visiting HA Officer. Sounds like she wasn't very helpful at all.

          "because we had forgotten to post Feburary's diary sheet, she told us we have to start from scratch"

          Did you give her this sheet when she visited? If so, it's a nonsense to say you need to start from scratch. By all means continue recording (as we all should).

          Did they offer any helpful suggestions at all? About a transfer? Other options for moving?

          I would be tempted to write a complaint to the Director of the HA (as a pre-letter warning that you are considering writing to the Independent Housing Ombudsman regarding a complaint). You can contact the Independent Housing Ombudsman on Tel: 020 7836 3630 / Lo-call: 0845 7125 973 / e-mail: [email protected] for a complaint leaflet which will guide you through the process of making a complaint.

          (If you want, you can PM me with your address and I'll send you a leaflet)

          Keep with it.


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            I'm next to useless at giving advice on these matters, but just wanted to jump in and say I've read your story and I think you're really strong to get this far. I suppose it was always going to be a struggle but the behaviour of the HA has made it doubly hard. All so unfair. Try and keep strong, there's some sound advice on here and we're all here to listen and support. I'll bow out now and let the ones who know about these matters take over.



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              I do feel for you and send lots of love...

              Am a new girl to these boards but honestly not surprised about your HO!

              There is absolutely no help out there for these cases of bullying and harrassment...which is why I arrived at this site!

              I have tried to get help from:- Social Services

              Local council

              Police (who thought it was a huge


              Samaritans - what can they do?

              A bullying help line which didn't

              "deal with Neighbours" only

              school kids! pleeeeeasseeee?

              The bottle! which has helped!

              Legal advice - the first one I went

              said MOVE - that was really helpful.

              There have only been 3 avenues of help

              My doctor

              This Website

              Bullyonline website

              There needs to be much more to help peeps who are being bullied!

              Sending you good wishes



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                Glad we were on your list Witsend!!

                Things will always get better, sometimes it just takes time,

                think of that dance song from the earlier 90s.....thinggggggggsss can only get better, can only get betterrrr now I found you!!

                its sorta relavant!

                keep strong talk to you soon