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Maybe this is why we're being harassed?

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  • Maybe this is why we're being harassed?

    Had a very revealing conversation with a neighbour today which may shed some light on the reason why we're the target of our neighbours' hate.

    I've become friendly with a lady from across the road from our house, and over the past few months we've become more open with each other and today she told me that about 8 1/2 years ago, the neighbour's (Sweetie Old Gran from Hell) grandson was convicted of drunken driving and driving without insurance. This would be about the time we moved in here. Anyway, she had a friend in the police who asked her to keep an eye on the grandson (she can see Gran's house from hers) as he thought grandson was driving whilst banned. The policeman told her to ring him if she ever saw him going out in the car. She did just that and the police came and arrested him and he was charged with driving whilst being banned.

    Putting 2 and 2 was so strange that the hassle (silent phone calls, taxis we didn't order, rubbish through the letter box etc.) seemed to start almost overnight and out of the blue. I know she was a strange old bird but she'd always been friendly before......I am now wondering if the reason for all that was because she thought we'd reported her grandson to the police? The timing would be spot on! My Goodness! Years of Hell for something we didn't even do!!!

    Not that it changes anything really, they're still from hell and we're still going to move in the spring but it would be nice to know if this was the reason for it all.

    The irony is though, that this neighbour across the road has little chats with Gran from Hell! Not best pals or anything but she doesn't have to suffer the knocks on the door in the middle of the night and the silent phone calls................. :banghead:


    Mrs B

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    Hi Mrs B

    At the end of the day he was caught driving whilst disqualified. It just goes to show just how simple these people are and proves that they have no respect for the Law or anyone around them. Maybe the lady from over the road is actually scared of your NFH and keeps her sweet so she will be o.k. herself./

    Does make you angry tho doesn't it.



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      Hi Mrs B.,

      Wow - well I suppose at least now you know what you are supposed to have done wrong (albeit nearly nine years later).

      The whole thing is completely inexcusable. If she had really thought this, she should have discussed it with you like a normal, rational person (which she obviously isn't!). I think that if I were you, I would secretly wish that she found out the truth - just to confirm to herself what a twisted judgemental idiot she is!

      Blue Cow


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        Granny From Hell says: "But my grandson is a good boy, really. He only drives whilst drunk. Without insurance. Nothing too serious. I mean, it's not like he's a real criminal, or anything? Is it?" :crazy: :nfh1:


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          thats so unfair Mrs B!!

          gewtting targeted due to mistaken identities! even if you told her now it wasnt you I suppose she be in too much of a habit doing it to you to stop :huh:

          no one should drink drive IMHO, very silly and dangerous no excuse

          just keep thinking of new beginings next year! :flowers:


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            I absolutely agree that drinking and driving is inexcusable, who knows, maybe, if I'd been in the same position as my neighbour who reported him, I may well have done the same. As it was though, we were so busy moving in, getting settled, and not having time to read the local papers (the story was in them, apparently) that we didn't even know about it.

            If I had known sooner though, I may have had more help from the police? As it was, we didn't suss out for ages who was behind the harassment.

            Anyway, Gran from Hell won't ever get to know the truth from me.

            Yes, Maria, a lot of people are wary of this family, and there's a lot of them, in about four houses in this estate. And they're all scary :cry:


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              Hi Mrs B

              Yep, I bet too that even if she realised it wasn't you, she'd still say it was. Some people just won't/aren't willing to accept the truth.

              Oooh, didn't realise you were planning a move.

              Make sure you get somewhere with an extra long garden for your line.


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                I'm going to have at least 2 washing lines Holly, so I can wash all day long :lol:

                Oh, just imagine - putting washing out without coughing/shouting/being blasted with music.........what pure bliss!!

                Thanks Janee,

                it seems to fit together with the arrest but I may be wrong! Sometimes you don't have to do anything to get NFH :sad:


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                  Mrs B.

                  Can I just say, there is nothing better than the smell of washing dried on the line.

                  Ooooohhhh esp. bed sheets. memories go way back further than the days of the tumble drier.

                  Oh the age of :innocent:

                  When you've got your two washing lines up, I'll bring mine for you

                  Me being me, can I just say be careful with this friendly lady across the street.

                  yes she may be friendly, but she has more than likely already caused so much trouble for you without even realising it.

                  Please be careful.

                  Sorry to be so pesimistic



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                    I think you're right Maria, about the lady opposite. She means well but doesn't see the possible consequences of her action. I'm always very careful with everyone around here now - never know who's friendly and who wants to get 'on the good side' of NFH.

                    Ahhhhh, the smell of cotton sheets dried in the sun............bliss!

                    When I get my two washing lines, I'll start taking in washing :hihi:

                    Mrs B
                    BE BOLSHY - RECLAIM YOUR GARDEN!


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                      Forgot to tell you Mrs. B

                      Not only will I be sending my washing to you but all the 10 children I have that get the clothes dirty too :hihi:

                      Only kidding


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                        That's OK Maria, I'll pop them in for a 'delicates' wash :lol:
                        BE BOLSHY - RECLAIM YOUR GARDEN!


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                          :hihi: :hihi: :hihi: :lol: :jump:


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                            Love the cheeky avatar Red1 :lol:
                            BE BOLSHY - RECLAIM YOUR GARDEN!


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                              Heyup Mrs B

                              Just caught up!!! These people....grrrr! :badmood:

                              I wish you acres of hanging space when you move....and I just know that you will have the most superior and sparkling( :P ) washing line display wherever you may go