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More torment!

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  • More torment!

    It seems our nfh have decided to step up their campaign of hate. They have now taken to playing loud music which is vibrating through our house.

    This is in addition to the pounding of feet and slamming of doors.

    We are now getting to the stage of hating them. Very much indeed.

    Incidentally, though we have never mentioned their nocturnal whipping activities to anyone, someone from two streets away approached my partner in the local shops. She said: "Oh, I do feel sorry for you! You live next door to the sordid couple who whip each other in their garden!"

    She (my partner) was stunned. "It seems their fame has preceeded them," she told me that evening. She then added: "But I wonder who told her?" Our bet would be NFH 2, who is very friendly with the neighbour of the woman in the shops.

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    Ooo I am sorry NB

    it really does seem that they start up at this time of year, so many stories of NFH taking it to the next level.

    seems like the whipping is infamous round your way then!!!


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      Thanks, Beth.

      To cap it all, the stupid woman nfh said a couple of months ago: "I don't know what the problem is, but our neighbours never seem to take to us."

      I thought: "No $%$%?!"

      She really is a clueless lump. :sad:


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        Hi Neighboured,

        Sorry to hear of the latest

        I also hope you don't witness any more noturnal activities 8-X

        Blue Cow


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          I feel sorry for the children. :blink:


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            Hi Neighboured,

            I'm sorry to learn that they're playing up. It's definitely the season it seems. Try and get on with things the best you can and ignore them, live 'normally' where you can.

            It makes you jumpy I know and worried about what's going to come next, but don't let them get to you both if you can manage this.

            By the way, any more screws under the skirting boards lately?!


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              Good grief, HN! Not even I'd thought of that!! :lol:


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                HN :blink: :lol: :P

                Oooh, you are naughty!!! :lol: :blush:

                Neighboured, sorry to hear that your NFH are at it (oops) with more nuisance. Unwanted noise is horrible to have to endure. Hopefully you know the drill:

                - Log everything

                - Write / speak to your NFH

                - Contact the EH

                Good luck and hope it quietens down for you.


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                  Hi Neighboured,

                  It's the long dark nights, innit? They get bored of their own company (even their usual toys won't distract them :lol: ) so they cast their nets wider to affect you instead :frown:.

                  Perhaps a bit of your own background noise can help to drown the noise out... :unsure:

                  The idiots.



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                    Hmm. Trouble next door. Loud music last night was interspersed (sp) with loud arguements of the Effing a Blinding variety.

                    They seem unhappy (oh, shame.) and I got the impression that Mrs nfh is not keen on Mr nfh's choice of "music." (Music used in lose sense of the word.):music::nuke::guitar::sicky: :lol:

                    :nfh1: :nfh1: :nfh1:


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                      Gawd. They are pathetic Neighboured. :blink:

                      Can you report them to the Police and embarass them for causing a domestic/disturbance? If it gets 'violent/aggressive' - then you have good enough cause to call the Police.

                      Hope this evening gets quieter.


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                        Hi Neighboured,

                        So in trying to wind you up, they're winding each other up!!

                        What's the %@*&$£ point! :angry:

                        I hope that they've quietend down now.

                        Blue Cow


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                          I think they are becoming very unhappy. I think that by nature, they are friendly enough, but fell under the poisonous influence of nfh2, who seems to carry more baggage around with her than an airport carrousel. :lol:

                          There's no point in calling the police. He is an expert nfh and knows exactly how far he can go, and what he can do. :unsure: