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Here we go again...

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  • Here we go again...

    I am so fed up. I can't belive that here I am again, basically back to square one with the NFH's. :rant:

    They truly are the most despicable cretins, I am at a loss to explain how I feel, but you get my drift.

    I thought we might have had the wall up by now, but the builder couldn't start on the day we agreed initially, so we are still waiting .

    Out of the blue, the NFH's have started up again about this blasted fence, saying we can't build our wall cos it will undermine the fence. Yes, hello, that's why normal, rational people would agree to have the fence removed permanently...

    We'd agreed to re-instate the fence after we've built the wall - if they really want a fence butt up to a wall, let them have it, we don't care, we won't be seeing it. This has all been agreed in court.

    Now they are demanding that we amend our building warrant etc - I just don't know what has set them off this time - this has all been dealt with it the summer.

    I actually quake when I get these solicitors' letters. I am also getting phobic about going past their solicitor's office - which is in my town and I can't avoid it.

    I think I am going crazy - why can't these evil beasts just leave us alone - my husband is so ill, they obviously want to finish him off and me with him :cry:

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    You know what I reckon?

    Because you didnt sart building right away after the last court malarkies, things have gone very quiet lately as far as they are concerned. They cannot take it any longer!!!. Their need to know what is going on and to somehow interfere in your lives is too too much for them. WHAT UTTER IDIOTS. :angry:

    thay have been sitting next door festering away on this for ages. and this c*ck and bull nonsense is all they could think of to come up with. :badmood:

    they are all consumed with their jealousy and insecurity.

    so i think now they are trying to get you back into court to try and change the agreement you made????? :banghead:

    unfortunately i think you need to speak to your solicitor to see if they can force you to make any amendments. i wouldnt like to say to you to tell them to s*d off (which would be my first inclination), as your NFH are very belligerent and this tactic wouldnt help. i really think they are trying to get you to waste so much money on legal wranglings that you wont be able to afford to do your building work. :badmood:

    i might be inclined to have a word with your local PC, explain they are starting up their harrasment again. maybe have him pop round your house for a chat????

    Obviously, keep your cool and dont let them see they are getting to you. :rant:

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      Grrrr, I don't know these people but I'd love to take them by the shoulders and give them a good shaking!!!! :rant:

      What pathetic little lives they must lead! Haven't they got anything better to do than to harass a family with an extremely ill member? :rant:

      Ok, that's the emotional response. The calm response is, ask your solicitor to write them a letter, stating what was agreed and asking them to refrain from upsetting you any more. There was an agreement, you have every intention of sticking to that agreement and if they don't stop you will sue for harassment (is that possible?)

      Oh for a magic wand! I'd magic them away to some Brazilian slum where they could try their tactics there!!!

      Best go now as I'm getting a bit angry.

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        Oh Mazza

        Don't know what to say except get straight to your solicitor. You don't need this. :angry:

        I just don't know what has set them off this time
        Don't even go there. We did and ended up going half way loopy. Just let your solicitor sort it.

        Hope your hubby has not let this distress him too much. You need each other now so don't let nfh eat into your precious time.

        Thinking of you all

        Take care.

        "You have to be the change you wish to see in the world"


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          Hi Mazza

          I'm not surprised that you are feeling fed up. Does this mean that you have to put the builder off again until this is sorted, or can you proceed based on the court decision from before? Personally I wouldn't have thought that they are in any position to try and dictate anything further to you.

          Like Annabel says, it would be so tempting to tell them to stick their letter (you know where!), but you've come so far, it would be awful to jeopardise things now. I'm sure that your solicitor will be able to clear this up quickly and cleanly

          As far as your neighbours go, well they are rude, inconsiderate, wicked people who have no understanding of the concept of kindness or compassion. It's really hard for normal people to understand that someone could be so cold hearted and vindictive to a fellow neighbour.

          It's so upsetting what they are doing to you and your family :cry: It's not much consolation, but I'm sending all my positive thoughts to you and wish you all the best

          Blue Cow


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            There really are far too many of these people out there aren't there, shouldn't someone campaign for culling or something? Sorry, but its so sickening.

            Once notice has been served that you intend to build, that notice stands for one year. If they want to make amendment they need to contact their solicitor. Perhaps you would like to tell them that you would be happy to view the official draught of their amendment, but in the mean time you will proceed as planned and agreed. If you then proceed they would need to seek injunction, £1500.00, and in view of the fact that you have an agreement in place it is highly unlikely that a district judge would grant it.

            Sometimes the sheer frustration is as difficult to deal with as the bl**dy NFH. By the way, you are not alone sometimes I too believe (in the words of Freddy Mercury) I'm going slightly mad. :crazy:

            Take care, hang in there.


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              Hi all - thanks for the replies and support. :thumbs:

              I am still feeling awful though, just can't seem to shrug it all off this time :sad: .

              I have decided to try and sit back and calm down a bit before proceeding, I don't want to jeopardise it all now cos we are hoping that the build will start tomorrow .

              I know that they are trying to intimidate, bully and harass us... I would love to be able to sue them for this plus the fact that they are now trying to change the terms of the Court agreement.

              I just don't want to waste any more dough on this futile escapade any more - especially after we thought it was all dealt with :sad: .


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                I know what you mean....its so frustrating they make us spend time on them when we all have better things to be doing with our time :badmood:

                and I am sure you want to be able to spend as much time as you can with your family, in a stress free zone, doing nice things. not pandering after "them" :angry:

                hope the building actually gets started very soon!!

                have my fingers crossed for you


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                  Hi mazza

                  Hoping that things go well tomorrow

                  I just can't understand why some people will not accept that they will not win. and persist in causing unhappiness to others.


                  Take care all of you


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                    Right. Obviously you need to take new measures.

                    Write to their solicitors. Point out that you believe that their letters are being used as harrassment. Ask them if they are aware that they, as well as your nfh, could be prosecuted. I am not sure, but I think that "I am a solicitor acting on behalf of a client" will not work as a legal defence should they be up in court!

                    Ask them, in future, NOT to communicate with you, unless they wish to add to the distress of yourself and your husband.

                    Point out that, should they wish to communicate with you, that they must only do it via your own solicitors.


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                      I would LOVE to get them and their poxy hitler solicitor up for harassment.

                      I have not instructed my solicitor to deal with this at the moment cos I am pondering what the best course of action will be from here.

                      If I can prove these letters are injurious, I'll have 'em, believe me, because they certainly affect my health, never mind the husband :sad:


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                        Hi Mazza,

                        I'm so sorry (and angry) that they have done this to you again :cry: I'm also sorry that they have gotten to you so badly. It's really frustrating, because you know what truly ugly people they are and how bitter and tainted their hearts are, and yet they are still able to do this to you.

                        Good luck with the building work. Personally I'd like to tell them what they can do with their fence (but this forum is far too polite for that :unsure: !!).

                        Blue Cow


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                          Do you have legal cover as part of your insurance cover? Might also be worth considering the Solicitor's Complaint Bureau, too.


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                            Very sickening, Mazza .....all I can add is my support to everyone else's....good luck with the course of action of your choice



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                              Hi all

                              Neighboured - alas I was not covered for Legal assistance (Unwittingly. I thought if it was in the policy doc, I had it. But no, you need to pay a seperate premium, which I now have done but can't claim for about a million months!).

                              Hmm, interesting to know about the Complaints Bureau though. I'll look into that. I did look at the Law Society, but it seems like a nice little closed shop and not much scope to complain about ''someone else's'' solicitor :frown:.

                              I eventually decided to write a very strong letter to the NFH solicitor to tell them that their letter could only be viewed as harassment and I was not inclined to comment any further about the matter since they had effectively denied me the right to mediation/arbitration from the very beginning (clearly stated in the deeds that they must do this for any such disputes regarding mutual property :angry: ).

                              This will put a spanner in the works for them cos I have not instructed my solicitor, knowing that the NFH will find it very frustrating that they cannot fax and phone my solicitor every other hour about this (I am not exaggerating)

                              I haven't heard anything- very unusual considering they are the supremos at letter 'tennis' (you know, they hit one straight back the next day: they obviously have nowt else to do with themselves :blink: ).

                              But, like many others here, this 'quiet' period is making me very paranoid about what they are up to... :sad: I just know they'll be concocting some more evilness.

                              Well, they'd better be quick - the wall's going up tomorrow: foundations are all in, inner skin to DPC level's in, so it's all happening!!

                              Can't wait, then I'll never have to see their Chintzy, frayed linen on the line again

                              Thanks again everyone for the support. It's hard to get it down sometimes, but worth it in the end .