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  • NFH's Clothes...

    My NFH has had washing on the line for four days now, sometimes it's out for a week. :huh:

    But, this time, there is one top on the whirlygig that has been "waving" at me in the wind for the past four days and it's really made me think a bit more about how NFH view themselves.

    This top has written on it, "Power is in my.......hands" (like I said, it's waving in the wind, feels like it's going :P at me).

    Do NFH seriously think that the "Power" is in their hands? :blink:

    That's the kind of thing my NFH wears. I know JOHN.S posted just the other day about their NFH being out in the pyjama's... :blink:

    What do yours wear? And what do you think it tells you about them?

    Any answers to my NFH greatly welcome!

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    our old NFH used to leave clothes out then complain that they got nicked

    even though they had been out for ever, I think 9 days was the longest, although a dessing gown cord was on the line for 2 years, we moved it when they moved out!!!


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      Chintz, chintz and more chintz, flapping and taunting in the breeze almost every day, rain or shine :frown:

      Plus some very grey looking (but still chintzy) pillowcases - grey like they are :frown: But also a gaudy orange thing appears - I don't even have a clue what it exactly is :lol: I hate it cos I can see it all from my kitchen window, it's unavoidable

      (until the wall goes up - of course )

      Mr NFH wears a very fetching blue sweatshirt which is exactly the same as my kids' school uniform. I think he's trying to rekindle his horrible, nasty bullying schooldays :badmood: . Also wears a horrid bodywarmer - thinks he's an esquire or some sort of lord of the manor...

      Mrs NFH wears anything that will fit, but gets the pearls out when she's ''entertaining''. Grrr!!! :frown: (I'll end up in Ranters if I continue!)

      Hmmm, power is in my hands?

      Not an engineer for Powergen are they? :blink:



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        Originally posted by mazza@Oct 19 2003, 1:07 AM

        Hmmm, power is in my hands?

        Not an engineer for Powergen are they?Â* :blink:

        No, but nice try!

        His company was advertised on Carol Vorderman's "Better homes"... :blink: Not that I'd ever go there... :rant:


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          OMG, Holly, I've seen yours when he's making a big, "going out" effort.... :blink: :P

          sapph B)



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            My NFH always looks like a slob (sloppy and weird dresser).



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              She wears her teenage daughters' clothes (when not in pyjamas) - but really shouldn't :P

              He wears Harley Davidson t-shirts.....

              Always lots of thongs on the line (yuk,yuk,yuk). Luckily, our weed supressant backed trellis obscured this horrible sight!
              "You have to be the change you wish to see in the world"


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                Hurray for weed suppresant-backed trellis, eh, John? :thumbs:



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                  What about what they DONT wear?

                  I am never going to forget the sight of my old NFH heavily pregnant, standing outside her front door smoking a cigarrette in her BRA and cropped trousers. even worse, she was waving her 10 yr old lad off , who was going to his mates house and his mate was with him!

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                    I've mentioned before that one of my nfhs - the most prolific of the car maintenance gang, has prominant pot-belly. Over this he chooses to wear a tight T-shirt. To be fair on the t-shirt, it's just a normal t-shirt, it's the pot-belly which makes it tight. He can tuck it in his trousers at the back, but not at the front 'coz the pot-belly pulls it out. His favourite t-shirt is white and because it's his favourite he wears it when engaged in his favourite activity - stickling his head under the bonnet of his car. Of course, when he does this, his pot-belly causes the t-shirt - or at least the stretched front part of it, to contact the engine thereby depositing a large oily mark. Despite it being his favourite t-shirt he appears untroubled by the oily mark, because he usually wears the t-shirt for at least two weaks before changing into another white, tight t-shirt which only exhibits the remains of an oily mark, not quite removed during its last trip to the launderette.

                    So, I wonder:

                    Why not get a bigger t-shirt so that it's not so stretched?

                    Why insist on a white t-shirt?

                    Why wear it to repair his car?

                    Perhaps it's because he's thick


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                      We've got a number of NFH and the most ridiculous ones wear pyjamas to go to the shops, or their track suits. The males inevitably wear their trackies and berghaus's (not sure of spelling) Summer wear is vest, shorts, socks and trainers for the men and strangely enough the women wear quite sensible clothes.

                      If you saw wife swap with Lizzie and Mark, well most of the females look like her with varying shades of hair colour!

                      "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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                        Originally posted by Beth@Oct 19 2003, 12:22 AM

                        even though they had been out for ever, I think 9 days was the longest, although a dessing gown cord was on the line for 2 years, we moved it when they moved out!!!
                        :lol: I remember! We took great delight in performing the 'ritual' dressing gown cord cut off the washing line at that point! It was like cutting their existence to us too!


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                          I really do try not to look, but the old man wears his wellington boots, and really although they have cost us dearly, I can't help thinking of Paddington Bear. He wears a suite sometimes, and really they do look like your ordinary middle class old age pensioners. But then my philosophy is a turd in a suite is still a turd. Am I allowed to say that?

                          oops :thumbs:


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                            This top has written on it, "Power is in my.......hands"

                            You could think about having one specially printed and hang it up facing your nfh. It would say: "Power is in your.......hands? -Oh, no it isn't!" :lol:


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                              :blush: :innocent: :sheep: :toilet: :hihi: