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    Hello folks, you probably have heard all of the things we have experienced before, but if anyone has any suggestions (apart from shipping out) on how to keep our heads together it would be appreciated.

    It all really started over their dog fowling, then a boundary. the neighbours prevented they used the drive as public pathway, as did any workmen, visiting family etc. the original dog died, then the daughter moved home again with her dog, and guess what, it started all over again. Then the granddaughter started to visit with her dog and this dog joined the party too. I went round and spoke to the neighbour. From that moment on the harassment started. They would step on the drive and make a meal of pulling back, then stand laughing. The woman of the house, began to stand on the pavement on the opposite side of the road and stare into my front room (we have an enormous window). the man of the house would stand on the pavement outside, or on his driveway, and stare in. we built the fence high, except for the obligatory 1meter, they continued the harassment, removed the back fence without permission, used our garage wall to further their attachment without permission, at this point I sent them a letter saying it was actually unlawful (I thought it a party wall) they were very unhappy.


    The neighbours are actually elderly, 66 and 77 but there language and attitude are disgusting. Their daughter, who must be almost 40, became involved also. They did not like the fence and threatened to paint it or hang plants on it etc.

    anyway, an assault occurred, I called the police and we have made an official complaint. the police said that they would inform us when the letter was to be served, however over the last two days we have had grass seed spread over our block paving driveway, obviously coming from next door as the residue of seeds was still on the top of the fence on the first occasion, I took pictures of this, and therefore they were more careful on the second occasion.

    As they reversed out of their drive last night they turned their headlights on full beam and sat in the middle of the road with them directed into our house for around thirty seconds. As soon as we go into our back garden the music starts.

    I could go on and on but thatís the general picture.

    I am finding it difficult not to retaliate and in all honesty the night the woman assaulted me, had my husband not prevented me I would have responded in kind.


    So if anyone has any ideas for us, please let us have them



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    Hi Red1

    Welcome to the forum

    I am sorry you had to find it though, but now you are here, you can be sure to get great advice and support .

    Your situation sounds dreadful :sad: .

    I hope that you are getting satisfaction from the police - it sounds like they will be pursuing the assault - don't let them forget you - keep in contact with them.

    These people are harassing you and that's illegal. Log everything that happens to you and keep reporting it to the police. Have a look at the Protection from Harassment Act and get onto your police officer. (If I were as clever as the others here, I could put a link, but oh dear, I'll hope that someone else can do it!!. :blush: )

    Councils have powers, along with the police to serve Anti Social Behaviour Orders on people - regardless of whether they rent or own their properties. Contact your Local Council and find out who their ASBO officer is and speak to them about your situation asap.

    If you an afford to instruct your own solicitor, it would be worth it from the point of view that they can look into the boundary and fence issue for you as well as harassment and pursue injunctions as necessary. If not, see how you get on with the police and the Council.

    I am certain that other members will be alsong very soon with advice and support for you !

    Being elderly does not mean you can't still be a bully - I know this only too well. It's funny how others seem to think that they can't be bad, simply because they are poor old pensioners...grrr :angry:

    You did the right thing to not retaliate - just imagine how much ammunition that would have given your NFH - don't let them force you to sink to their depths.

    In the meantime, keep strong and come here often . You'll be surprised at the difference it can make to you.

    Good luck




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      Welcome to the forum Red1, glad you found us here. You'll see from the other posts that many members here will be able to totally understand where you're coming from with your current situation.

      Retaliation is hard not to do sometimes, after all you're only human and we all have our breaking points and different levels of tolerances. But to retaliate is often back-firing as we often discuss here and you could also come under the observations of the local police; so I think you're right, keep yourself legally and morally above your NFH. They will also find this difficult as you'll let them know you won't be intimidated by them physically or mentally and it will show them your total disregard of their NFH behaviour.

      Have you had a read through the Harassment Article here?

      It's very detailed and informs about different things you can do, including the PFHA '97 and other legislation and avenues open.

      The Noisy Neighbour article is here (ref. Music you mentioned):

      The Anti-Social Behaviour Article is here:

      The Resources section index is here:

      And this is handy for blank logs for noting down nuisance neighbour issues - you must record everything so that the evidence builds up - however trivial.

      Have you complained to your Local Authority yet? If so, what's happening there? What other moves, apart from the Police have you made on an 'official' basis?

      Good luck with the Police letter, let us know how it goes if you can and it's possible. Hope you come back often to the forum



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        You have done the right thing coming here and I am sure you will find the site a very calming influence. Believe me, you need to stay calm or else you will make a bad situation even worse.


        Your husband was right - you must not retaliate. Not only physically, but in any way. Do not speak to them or even look at them. Show absolutely no emotion and carry on with your normal life. Sounds so easy doesn't it? It is not but it can be done. Wear dark glasses if you go out when they are there - I was avised to do this and it works a treat. Silly B*ggers can not see where you are looking and it completely disarms them. :P :P

        Let the correct authorities do their job (Police, Environmental Health). You may have to push them and push them but make them do it.

        Get a small dictaphone and keep it with you, recording all of their abuse.

        Keep coming back here. We had great advice and learning to live with the problem became so much more bearable. It is hard work and mentally draining dealing with a nfh but good will prevail.

        Good luck to you and yours.

        "You have to be the change you wish to see in the world"


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          Hi Red1 and welcome to the forum

          There's nothing I can really add to what Matthew, Mazza and John have already said, except to offer you my sympathy It's no fun at all having to deal with NFH. Maybe you should keep a mirror handy, next time they shine their headlights into your window you could reflect it back at them. Ok, I suppose that is retaliation but it's not THAT bad

          Good luck with the police, hopefully they will warn NFH about he Protection from Harassment Act which might make them think twice about what they are doing.

          "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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            Hi Red1

            What absolutely horrible people you have as neighbours :angry:

            They are trying their best to provoke you and I am so pleased that your husband did hold you back during the attack. I hope that the police follow this up satisfactorally, just keep the pressure on them.

            I can't see whether you've installed CCTV on your house. You may find it useful (especially if anyone feels like attacking your block paving again). If they know that they will be on camera, it may well serve as a deterrent, and it will help to back up any documentary evidence you have.

            I can't really add more as you have already been given some really good advice, except to wish you luck and let us know how things go with the police.


            Blue Cow


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              Thank you all very much for your kind words and support.

              It is good to know that we are not the only ones going through this type of thing.

              I have never experienced or known anyone who has experienced this type of thing before, it has surprised us that it is so common.

              I will be going onto the links tomorrow when I have some more time, but in the mean time the advise so far is helpful.

              I have been trying to contact the police again but its hard to get hold of them. I didn't know that the council could be involved, as when I phoned my local counciler the day the NFH's workmen were on my garage roof, (just outside my bathroom window) to ask his advise he said he really couldn't be of much help, and did sound genuine. This was before the assault etc. though so it may be worth trying him again.

              I have been in touch with a solicitor, when the neighbours started building works after the surveyor had said this should not be happening till matters were settled, I called her and she came out to assess whether we should injunct or not. Whilst the solicitor and her assistant were in the living room, the NFH drove in to her driveway, I had my back to the window and noticed the solicitors assistant divert her eyes from me, over my shoulder. Just as I turned to see what she was looking at, the NFH was passing the short part of the fence, she poked out her tounge and stuck up her middle finger. The solicitors assistant saw this and asked how often this type of thing happened, I said it was almost daily. They left shortly after , we did not need an injunction (a saving of £1,500.00) just paid for the hours work.

              The solicitor said we should make enquiries as to the legal cover attached to our house insurance. This we did and we are still awaiting a decision as to whether they will support the case. I think they did want to pursue the assault but as the police are supposedly dealing with the harrasment order they will not be able to. The police, on the night of the assault would not pursue it, but the PC taking the witness statement asked if I wanted to. I said no, that we just wanted to have matters put in order without harassment.

              I'm sorry I'm rambling.

              Today has been a peaceful day apart from the neighbour drilling and hammering, this happens every day, but is the least of it.

              Anyway, John I am so glad to hear that your problems may soon be over, and must admit to a little envy. :blush:

              Thank you all once again

              Be safe.


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                Hi Red.

                Your situation sounds similar to my own. I'm going through my legal insurance at the moment with regards to work(and damage) my NFH carried out.

                They've been trying to elicit a reply from the NFh but nothing satisfactory so far so they'll be deciding on taking him to court where we can raise all the harassment.

                I know its hard to do, and I have to come back here frequently to recharge my batteries, but an angry response is what they want from you. If you do respond they will know that they have riled you and will carry on.

                NFH's are also notoriously aware of their "rights" so any response by you will be latched upon by the NFH.

                Ignore them totally, or, if you have to speak to them, do it politely always. The sunglasses trick is great too, any time of year. They want eye contact too and with sunglasses, they can't get it.

                So keep recording, keep logging, keep ignoring, wait for the solicitor and keep coming back here.

                Now, these creatures are bringers of death and misery. They will never eat, they will never sleep, and they will never stop.

                We are part of an ancient secret society. For three thousand years we have guarded the Cities and Towns. We are sworn at manhood to do any and all in our power to stop the NFH from ever being reborn into this world.

                So what's the plan?

                Rescue the damsel in distress, stop the bad guys, save the world.


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                  Hi Red and welcome

                  :rant: Blasted NFH...

                  The Environmental health department of your local Council should be able to help you with the noise issues.

                  Definitely look into CCTV. One of the recent TV programmes about neighbours from hell showed CCTV footage of a NFH who kept deliberately shining their car headlights into the neighbours property - and they were charged under the Protection from Harassment Act (there were other acts perpetrated as well).

                  Hopefully if you follow the advice given by members, you will start to make some headway.

                  We're always here (or not far away ) whenever you need support. We've also got Ranter's Corner whenever you need to vent your spleen.


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                    Hello folks, hope you have all faired well since I was last on which is quite some time, sorry.

                    We were a little tied up with the CCTV, its in now, we had to add a light too.

                    A couple of days after we installed it our PC came round asked if we wanted to go with the assault or the harrasment, we said the harrasment. He went round to the NFH was there for about an hour, came backsaid it had not gone well. They admitted that they have trespassed, they admitted to the bad behaviour, staring in, shouting abuse etc. but they refused to sign the order saying that it did not count as harassment! does this sound strange? I spoke to the solicitor who asked what counter allegations they had made, apparantly from what the PC said, none. He was very surprised at this, me too, since the female NFH has previously stated that she was assaulted. Am I paranoid or is something going on here.

                    Anyway from what I can gather the PC now puts the case to the local magistrates court who decide whether or not there is a case to answer, so can everyone please cross fingers, toes, etc. (for any aliens tuned in)



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                      so they admitted to it?!! strange behavoiur I must say!!

                      and no counter allegations! even wierder!

                      well I hope the PC visit has made things quieter for you. and now you have the cctv up, I hope that helps too.

                      please let us know when you get a hearing date, we will have everything crossed for you! :thumbs:


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                        I've got everything crossed for you, Red1 :blink: Hope it all goes well at the magistrates court

                        "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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                          LOL! THANKS MISTY


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                            Nice one Red1!

                            Those horrible beasts must surely be getting ther comeuppance soon. :frown:

                            Surely this will shut them up? :unsure:

                            Everything is crossed for you - even the eyes :wacko: :lol:




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