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Noisy NFH party

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  • Noisy NFH party

    00.20 am and, even though the weather is cold, they are holding the party in the back garden.

    Why? Probably so they can make as much noise as they can. They have invited all the neighbours in the street, but only a small amount bothered to go. All those who turned up are the ones who embarrass themselves by laughing like hyenas and hooting like wild geese. :ban: :nfh1:

    Of course, both sets of NFH are bestest ever mates again! Hypocritical, as I thought they would be. :lol:

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    It is now nearly 1am. At the party we have: NFH1 and 2. Mr Know-it-all from round the corner. (He knows everything except about his own business which failed as he is a builder who cant really build very well.

    Then there is Mr Dopy and his wife. Such a [/I]delightful[I] couple! (Three out-of-control kids and a rampaging dog) She became a bit concerned when I moved here. As she eventually remembered where she knew me from. We grew up round the corner from each other, so I know exactly what she was like as a teenager! She's probably hoping I don't tell anyone about her dubious reputation! (As if I would?)

    With friends like them our NFH need no enemies.


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      Oh blimey. What a delightful crowd they seem.....lets hope it rains on them soon!

      Hoping they go and/or quieten ASAP so you all get a good peaceful night.



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        They stopped at 1.45am. But they became very rude. It becme like something out of a "Real Stories" section in an "adult" magazine. :sicky: :blush:

        They are like cardboard cutouts, rather than real people.