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  • Something is happening

    NFH set 2: "I really, really hate them!" "Who? Them next door? Yeah. So do I!" "No! not them! Those b*****ds who live on the other side of them!"

    Oh. But that is NFH set 1. Hmm. Something is happening. I think that they may be getting ready to declare war on each other!

    Well, we can but hope...

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    Maybe they'll both aniliate one another eh?!

    Or as Horsefans would say, Nuke each other! :nuke:

    Hope you're all surviving ok though Neighboured


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      Nice to think that could be the result, if they're left to it, eh?


      • #4 careful

        dont get caught in the middle, it sounds like it might get rough!!! :unsure:



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          We wont get caught up, as we never speak to them if we can avoid it!

          They are sad, sad hypocrits and I hope they'll move. But somehow I doubt it...


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            They are back in each other's pockts, but the target seems to be someone further down the street. However, nighbour X and his wife have short tempers and I think NFH might get a nasty shock. Of a legal action kind, if they play silly games with them!


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              Ooh, I don't get it. :errrm:

              I just can't be doing with people that chop and change all the time, you never know where you stand with them. :blink:

              All I can tell is that they all sound pretty unpleasant, to say the least!!

              Interesting though to see how they flit from who' s in favour at the time to then stabbing them in the back - seems to be a trait of many NFH's...


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                Glad I don't live where you live - one nfh is enough to cope with!!

                Keep your head down..

                Good luk!
                "You have to be the change you wish to see in the world"


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                  I hope your NFH's all turn on each other and implode

                  leaving you with a nice quiet home.

                  Well, one can always hope.

                  I ended up with a little gang of them also so I know

                  how bad and how infantile it can get (and how dangerous

                  to get stuck in the middle).



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                    They are now targeting someone in a diferent street! :lol: Weirdos or what??


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                      Weirdos or what??

                      aren't they all??

                      Ours becomes more wierd the longer things go on. Quite frightening really.
                      "You have to be the change you wish to see in the world"