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Nfh Upset Other Neighbours

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  • Nfh Upset Other Neighbours

    One of our NFH decided to start effing and blinding at another neighbour. This was really, really stupid.

    Why? 'Cos her husband is a 6 foot tall biker!

    Apparently NFH was unconscious for a time! :box:

    What an idiot!

    So it seems that he is being a NFH to all and sundry in the area.

    When they leave it'll be a case of :nfh1: :happyparty: :salut:

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    NFH = no forethought of what their actions could result in! Classic case here.

    I don't advocate physical retaliation to NFH in any form, but it seems he did this to the wrong person this time!



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      Apparently Mr Idiot decided to threaten the biker's woman. Oh, dear, oh dear. This is worse than stupid. It is like dancing on a very busy railway line. You have just got to know that a train will be along really soon.

      I think that perhaps this is at the root of many NFH behaviour patterns.

      Unable to consider the results of their actions.

      Unwilling -or unable- to comprehend the law of action/reaction.

      Lack of understanding that other people have feelings and are real people, just as much as they are.

      Lacks judgement.

      Has no tact or diplomacy skills.

      Might have a poor development of self. Unable to understand the boundaries, as it were. - Like a child who never grew past age 4 in mental development.

      Perhaps emotionally damaged? Needs to be the centre of attention so has to be a NFH as behaving badly is the only way they know to get attention?


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        I think some NFH's are just downright bullies who may have gotten away

        with this behaviour because no-one has been able to stop them.

        I believe some NFH's have the attitude they will do what they

        like with total disregard for other people.

        Some NFH's not only don't like the boundaries put in place but

        will challenge existing boundaries.

        Some NFH's think they have the right to walk all over their

        victims and sadly, the justice system is set up so that

        you need photographic evidence and independent witnesses

        (some other neighbours often dont want to be targets).

        One person who made inquiries on my behalf got a phone

        call from NFH.

        Another person who helped me has been targeted by NFH.

        So I didnt invite people over (I don't want my friends targeted).

        It is sad to see Society has deteriorated so people who are complete

        strangers can try to influence other peoples lives including trying

        to destroy them. In my case I believe my NFH's motto was "Be

        my best friend or I will make you my enemy".



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          I think you have made some very good points, Melanie. The problem is that if someone has a "bog standard" neighbour from hell, they might not be able to understand what it is like having a real "super bad" NFH.

          Mine are not too bad. I can deal with them reasonably well, but I do know whqat it is like to have a "super bad" NFH. Very, very worrying for their neighbours. :sad: