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  • Urgent Advice Needed

    Hi guys,

    I went ot the Police station and told them about my web cam & neighbours reaction, they helped me a lot and told me my neighbours can screm & shout all they like as we are not breaking any Privecy laws.

    Well now I have the need for urget advice, I have been out all morning because our neighbour has been in their garden banging, morning till 9 at night.

    My partner was parking our car when our neighbour opened his window and started shouting about our web cam, saying they had a visit from the Housing Officer & that we have evidence of his son & friends causing damage to our property.

    He then started shouting, *what are you doing with pictures of kids on your computer*, what are you doing with them making films, he then said a gang of his family will be around to sort us out.

    My partner just walked away, but my neighbour was screaming your a F****** Paedofile & a nonce, & that we are going to be targeted by the locals now.

    I called the police, who will be here later but as you can imagine my partner is very very upset, and as he is Disabled and depressed, I am worried for his health and mind, he knows what happens when your branded a Paedofile that word sticks like mud, we fear for our saftey now.

    As you can imagine, I am very upset *crying as I type* and don't know what to do I feel sick and my partner (who is diabetic) won't eat and refuses to take his Insuline (spelling)

    My god what am I to do

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    Its okay Dawnie, just calm right down and take some deep breaths.

    Paedophile and the word associated with it is bound to make anyone cringe for sure, but from what you are saying about your camera you are operating within the confines of the law.

    Evidently these people think that they have something to hide so they are shouting abuse to frighten you into backing down and removing the camera.

    If anybody wants to shout that at you then throw down the gauntlet and say right if you think I am videoing your children then why don't you came and have a look at our camera and see for yourself and while you are at it you can see what kind of evidence we have on tape.

    By being upfront and proactive about this will often get people thinking again and backing down.

    YOU HAVE NOTHING TO HIDE, so why are you getting into a tizwas about it all. If people - in this case your neighbour - wants to make up allegations then he has to substantiate them. Threaten them with Defamation of character via your solicitor and see what happens then.

    My feeling is that the police will have a word with your neighbour and give them a warning about their behaviour.

    As for sending the bully boys around - oh I bet they will - not. This is all mouthing off bravdo. Take it with a pinch of salt.


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      Hi Dawnie - sorry to hear you're having a hard time You were right to report it immediately, that's a verbally based threat.

      Have you had a chance to read our new CCTV article? We've had two experts help us with it too.

      It's here:

      You just need to be certain: keeping images on the PC aren't admissable in court it seems and you also may have to justify why your web cam is picking up images of your neighbour/their property, if it is (which sounds like you can justify it anyway). Your neighbour could also demand to see the images captured under the DPA 1998. Your neighbour also needs to justify if they are picking up images of your property too and are subject to the same guidelines/legislation.

      From our article (changed slightly here):

      (if the) CCTV camera picks up images outside (the) premises, such as the entrance to the neighbour's premises or persons walking down (the street), then the CCTV owner has to consider the implications of the Data Protection Act.

      I've been following your situation though - if I remember rightly, you have your Camera pointed at the car? Your Neighbours are now pointing one at your property, yes? I think that's right, sorry just checking The NFH are very clearly breaching guidelines (see info) then!

      Fingers crossed for you, you have a quiet night, they are very icky NFH


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        Hi Dawnie

        Sorry things are so upsetting

        Can they not see that the only conceivable way you could have pictures of children is if they were trespassing on your property, as I assume nothing is pointed at THEIR property??

        These names are very distressing....and designed to hurt. Try not to give them the satisfaction of thinking it's working, I know it's not easy :huh:

        I'm glad the police seem to be supportive. I am sure they can reassure you when they call round. Good luck to you and your hubby , and hold your head up



        P.S just seen Matthew's post.....please take a look at the article, and ensure you can follow it. All the best.


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          Don't let that s..m get to you, my partner and I are both disabled and our nutters are exactly like yours.


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            This is horrible.

            I feel so desperate for you. I hope that the advice you have been given already will help you. It seems to be the big bandwagon at the moment to brand everyone a paedophile and the hysteria starts up instantly. :blink:

            How ridiculous your NFH are being - anyone in their right minds will see through them straight away so please do not panic.

            It sounds like they are doing this to upset and intimidate you. I know how you are feeling, believe me, and you should definitley not allow them to make you feel bad. Keep in touch with and report them to the police.

            I don't know your full story - so sorry if this does not apply to you: If you are a Council or HA tenant (or they are) report them straight away on Monday a.m. to the Housing officer as it contravenes their tenancy agreement to intimidate or harass you or get their visitors to behave the same. The Housing Officer prob won't be able to do anything to them at this point, but at least it goes on file. .

            As Scooby says, you have done nothing wrong. Please try not to worry, they are just being sh..ty to you. Beasts. :angry:

            I hope you are beginning to feel better after seeing others' replies this evening :unsure: .




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              I agree with other memberís postings 100%. Scooby has put it to word far better than I could, you have done nothing wrong.

              You have the right to protect your property and your family. Your neighbour has seen you exercising this right and is annoyed at it. Please let me put it this way, if it was him that had put up cameras, captured you on film and you objected can you really see him being as upset as you are? If the shoe was on a different foot do you really think that he would be upset and crying?

              Dawnie, as difficult as it is I urge you not to pay a blind bit of notice to his protests or threats.

              Somebody said in one posting about " fighting fire with fire". When physical violence is concerned I don't agree, but I do agree that you should show your neighbour the same contempt for his feelings that he shows you.

              If you in anyway feel threatened by this individual, phone the police immediately. If a "gang" appears phone the police immediately. As hard as this moron thinks he is, he is not above the law.

              Look after yourself and your family and put this idiots drivel out of your mind.

              Take care Kevin


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                Dawnie, believe me, I know exactly how you and your partner are feeling right now. My husband was accused of exactly the same thing. The fishwife was screaming at him in the street. These people are the SC*M of the earth. They are finding ways to upset you and they obviously have. Ignore them, they are pathetic losers. :angry:

                They are trying to stop you guarding your own propety. There have been a few people on here who have had the same accusation hurled at them. You have nothing to fear. Please tell your partner that he is not alone, we know how he is feeling. He is innocent of the disgusting charges levelled against him by this low life family.

                I called the police immediately after the accusation was hurled at my husband and I was told that 'paedophile' is the latest buzz word among the ignorant. You should point out to your neighbour that he too is using a camcorder so what is he doing with the pictures?

                I'm sorry, I'm really angry right now because it's bringing back all the feelings that I had just before Christmas. Call their bluff and tell them that if they start any malicious gossip you will see them in court. If their nasty son was not on your property he would not be on camera. So what is he doing on your property in the first place?

                Please tell your partner that if he refuses to take his insulin he will only playing into the hands of this disgusting family. Also get back onto the HA or council and tell them what has been said and DEMAND they do something.

                I really wish I could say more to help. These people are using the word 'paedophile' as a weapon against you. Don't let them win, don't give into them. They are the lowest of the low.

                "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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                  Hi Dawnie

                  Did your camera pick up all this shouting?

                  If it did, get the Police round to view it and listen to what your NFH has said. The Police reassured you that what you were doing was legal. They won't like your NFH mouthing off about it.

                  I know it's hard not to worry and be upset, but if you allow them to get to you like this, they are winning. :angry: .

                  They're not - you are in the right, morally and legally.

                  Please do not let them get you down.

                  Thinking of you.


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                    I am hoping - as I type this - that things have returned to a bit more even keel today and that you are feeling much more calmer and secure.

                    Sending you some thoughts.



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                      hi Dawnie

                      Also hope that things are a bit calmer today, and that things went Ok with the police.



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                        Ok before I tell you the latest, my hubby (Steve) and I would like to say, thank you all so much for responding & your help I really can't thank you enough & we do feel a bit better today

                        2 police officers came round to see us last night, we explained what happened and showed them our cameras, and the pictures we captured, they said we have done nothing wrong as our neighbours were on our property.

                        They couldn't do anthing about my NFH calling my hubby a paedophile, as my neighbour hasn't broken the law, but they did advise us to contact our HA officer and a solicitor (I will be seeing a solicitor tommorow morning) they also said, if we are at all worried or if anyone we don't know comes to our door, to call 999

                        I recieved an email from our HA officer this morning, all she has said is she's going to see my NFH again, and she said sorry for adding fuel to the fire and that she has sent me a housing exchange pack??

                        Matthew, Bless you, I have read the new CCTV articles, I found them Very, very useful, and with the police help I am slowly becoming a cctv & camera expert.

                        I will be posting a message from my hubby, under the heading *Message from Steve* I hope you don't mind He really wants to thank you all himself


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                          I am so glad that things went well with the police! I think the H.A. need pursuing, as offering you chance to apply for an exchange is certainly not the only course of action they should be looking at!

                          You are also attacking from the solicitor angle, and sussed with cctv.....things on the up, i think

                          Best of luck to you both, and let us know how things go



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                            don't let these idiots get u down sweetheart, they are obviously ignoramouses (oops -can't spell )

                            a word of warning - HA's often use the 'victims' to get rid of the perpetrators of anti-social behaviour - and it can be a long and costly process for them, so conscious of budget restraints they move VERY SLOWLY (under the guise of 'gathering evidence' but actually its usually so they don't incurr losts of expenditure.

                            it might be better to ask them to put their cards on the table and give u a straight answer - if it continues will they kick this lot out? when?

                            if they say no (and it is usually as a last resort they remove people - they are ALWAYS giving them 'another chance') - work on getting out of the firing line.

                            if this is affecting your husband and it is worsening his condition push for a move on health grounds, perhaps to an adapted property which are often semi-detached /have designated parking bays close to the property?

                            i think u should look at the prevention of harassment pages as well - this guy is verbally abusing you and inciting other people to violence (or threatening to...)

                            if his kids keep off your property they won't be on camera will they??? all you are asking is to be left in peace....

                            u have nothing to be ashamed of, but maybe stick a notice (like they have on many public buildings) that there is cctv in operation... then it looks like u have nothing to hide and it's up to individuals whether they want to cross your boundaries......and be filmed.

                            keep your chin up and keep pushin' on........


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                              Originally posted by janee@Aug 21 2003, 3:30 PM

                              My advice, for what it's worth, is not to enter into any discourse, conversation or arguement with them. Ignore them whenever you see them.
                              Absolutely. I have to echo this - you can be the most effective sometimes with NFH by totally blanking them, ignoring them and treating them with the silent contempt they deserve. They are not worthy of your thoughts, let alone your response or communication in any way at all.

                              It might be harder to start with, but it gets easier, honestly