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  • Hmmmm?

    :badmood: :badmood: :badmood:

    Should I be worried?

    I am going to be sued for defamation??!!!

    Did I name anyone??

    Did I miss something??

    :sad: :sad: :sad:

    I might go berserk if I can't vent this somewhere... :cry:

    Can't say much except I am cracking up... :nfh1:

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    Vent away mazza :angry:

    What's going on? What's happened? What are they playing at now?

    :angry: :angry: :angry:


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      Been advised not to say 'owt, but I will crack up. :sad:

      Someone's (can't say who, but it doesn't take a genius to work it out) seen my thread and reckons it's defamation - will be taking it further...

      :blink: :blink: :blink:


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        Don't know what I have done to deserve their vitriol, I just don't know where it will stop.

        I really appreciate your support, but I am just so not sure of what these bods are capable of. :cry:


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          Hi Mazza

          I agree with the rest, and to sue you they will have to prove that you have mentioned names etc. which you haven't. You were just asking advice from a few friends about something you had a right to do, but experiencing problems with.



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            Mazza, calm down, take deep breaths.

            Firstly they'll have to pay all their own legal costs to take a case to court and unless they're very rich they're onto a loser straight away.

            Secondly, as other's have said, you have mentioned no names, not even your own. So nobody knows who you are or who they are so they'll have an impossible task of convincing a court of any defamation.

            Thirdly, I wish the wicked witch of the north would come back and take her evil little acolytes back with her :angry: These people are just winding you up again. They must be two of the most evil people ever to put you through all this. And no I don't know who they are, and quite frankly I wouldn't want to know who they are!

            Don't, please, let them get to you. They are not worth a microsecond of your time. And if they are reading this, GET A LIFE YOU EVIL PEOPLE and let Mazza have some peace. Every minute now is precious, stop stealing them from her!!!!!

            Ignore them, Mazza and concentrate on your family and their needs. Keeping you in my prayers and thoughs

            "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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              :cry: :cry: :cry:

              Thank god for all of you, I think I will cry for your kind words, esp Misty, you always seem to say the right thing (everyone does, but somehow Misty gets me).

              I haven't eaten all day and I can't sleep and mostly I am raging at myself for letting them affect me like this :cry: :sad: .


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                Hope you managed to get good nights sleep. I can only add my support to what other members have said. This is an open forum and people come here for advice and support.

                If your neighbour is reading this I invite them onto this forum and lets discuss your side of this issue. If you feel your character has been blackened feel free to openly discuss it in a civil manner.I know you won't take up this invitation because like all bullies the prospect of having to justify your behavior is too much.

                This forum is open and there is nothing to hide. Your opinions are as valid as anybody elses and like everybody else you will be listened to.

                Mazza please try to put this out of your mind.

                Take care Kevin


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                  I too hope you have had a good night's sleep, Mazza

                  If your NFH are coming into this forum then they MUST know how their selfish behaviour is affecting you and I hope they have the good grace to feel thoroughly ashamed of themselves. But somehow, with people this selfish, I doubt they will

                  Perhaps one day they will find themselves in a position where they need peace and can't find it. Maybe then they will appreciate all the harm they have done to you and your family. Maybe karma will decree they will find themselves up against people of their own ilk!

                  I wish there was more I could say or do to make life easier for you Mazza. It is obviously very difficult for you to put them out of your mind when they are in your face constantly. But please, don't let their blustering, control freakery invade your thoughts. One day they will get their just desserts (and I don't mean a custad pie in the face? ) Take care, keep calm and remember, we're all rooting for you

                  "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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                    I think everybody has balanced this one about right. But, just for the record this question cropped up into my mind when I started onto this forum about my NFH.

                    What would be the chances of Madhatter recognising himself in my postings ? To this end Matthew said that it would be unlikely - but then having said that this forum has now exploded into 500 + members and the bigger it grows the more likely it is that we will get some people on here who claim to be the victims but are infact the perpetrators of evil.

                    Defamation is a costly old business and the fact that you have put it into written form would actually constitute Libel. I can tell you right here and now that to enlist the services of a lawyer who deals with Libel you would need a minmum of £20,000. Then you are looking at hiring a QC to defend / prosecute the case; your knocking onto the boundary of at least £100,000.

                    Look at the case of Neil and Christine Hamilton - yes they took on Al Fayed but lets face it all libel cases are heard at the High Court in London. The Hamilton's became bankrupt well into a million pounds.

                    Now I really don't see how your NFH have got this kind of money cause they haven't.

                    If Madhatter wanted to take me to task I would throw down the gauntlet and say right then see you in court. Thats how confident I am of defending my corner. I have always written the truth here and if he wants to recognise himself and his behaviour - well it just goes to show that he knows clearly what his own actions are and despite his protests to the contary - he does know what he is doing.

                    I would try and calm down on this. Yes it is something that concerns us all here on the forum and that is why Matthew made extra places available for security postings such as here in members section. But, if you have told the truth - you have nothing to fear.


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                      Right, can I just add my opinion.

                      If you bump into someone in the street, and they cuss you with a string of four letter words (which happens a lot) do you sue them for defamation of character?

                      If you are having a private conversation and the person you are talking about overhears, can they sue you for defamation of character.??????????

                      Is there anyone alive on this planet who hasnt been insulted by someone at some point in their lives???? Are we all going to get up and sue these people? If you are having a row with your next door neighbour and you call him an evil old goat are you seriously defaming his character, or are you just insulting him?

                      Today on the radio I was listening to a very well known DJ calling a very well known TV presenter 'self obsessed, pompous, ignorant, rude, pinhead'. I wonder if the TV presenter will now sue that DJ for defamation of character, after all he has said it on air to millions of people......

                      This is pure and simple madness on the part of this NFH. He has a solicitor who is encouraging this man's delusions whilst taking his money. This dispute has become this NFH's hobby and has given him a purpose for his day. He is so utterly sad and despicable he is lower than a snake's belly.

                      I too wonder how on earth he can have found your thread but at the end of the day the man is bored, lonely and obsessed. I would go along with Kevin, let him come on here, out in the open and tell us his side of the story. Instead of behaving like the out and out coward and snide that he is.

                      I dare him!!!!

                      :ban: :nfh1: :angry:

                      I decree today that life

                      Is simply taking and not giving

                      England is mine - it owes me a living

                      But ask me why, and I'll spit in your eye

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                        hey Mazza

                        we are right with you!

                        I will not say anything else as it would involve bad words and being told off by the other Mods!!

                        take care


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                          Originally posted by Scooby@Aug 16 2003, 12:47 PM

                          What would be the chances of Madhatter recognising himself in my postings ?* To this end Matthew said that it would be unlikely - but then having said that this forum has now exploded into 500 + members and the bigger it grows the more likely it is that we will get some people on here who claim to be the victims but are infact the perpetrators of evil.
                          Good points Scooby....

                          To that end though, privacy and security is extremely important here. I have been very concerned over this issue and you're right, the more members we get and the more attention we have, the likelihood of someone being spotted by their NFH or the NFH's associates increases.

                          Therefore, we've just introduced an Advanced Member+ category, where I shall shortly be moving this post to, a new member category group from 0-1 posts, to

                          prevent New Members with 0 posts joining just to see member areas and possibly an NFH: What's Your Story, Members Only area.

                          I am very, very keen to limit and prevent wherever possible the potential of any one who 'shouldn't be here' viewing other's postings.

                          If anyone has any ideas, please always feel free to PM them to me.

                          We are very vigilant in the NFH What's Your Story area in particular - anyone who posts using real NFH names has to have their topic edited for their own sake really.


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                            Thanks Matthew,

                            I like the idea of a more private area for Advanced Members and 45 posts seems reasonable.

                            Thanks also for moving this, much appreciated.

                            Thanks everyone for all your replies which I am taking on board.

                            I still can't see how these people can prove anything, like Hadenough said, they'd have to identify themselves, basically admitting to it all. I certainly have not identified them.

                            I have categorically told the truth - who on earth could invent my story??

                            I'll say it again, without everyone's support here, God knows what I'd have resorted to - it has been and continues to be a real lifeline for me.

                            I found you at my blackest point. I know darker days are to come, and I just don't need these people on my backs too.

                            Thanks again,



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                              Hi Mazza

                              So sorry to hear of yet more accusations....purely from the point of view that if things are done to hurt deliberately, it leaves a really nasty taste.

                              I think the advanced members section is a great idea to try out, and hope that it makes people feel more comfortable

                              As other members have said.....I hope anyone taking legal action on this sort of basis has a bank account that can withstand the costs involved.

                              Take care,