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Illegel Or Not?

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  • Illegel Or Not?

    Ok in my last post I said about my web cam pointing at my car, I also have a wireless camera which is pointing at my driveway.

    Now I did check with a *crime prevention officer* as to where I could place my cameras, he told me as long as I am not pointing them at my neighbours windows or property I am within the law.

    Well my Housing Officer paid my neighbours a visit this morning, now about an hour ago my neighbour placed a camcorder through his blinds, and is pointing it streight into our living room window, I had to draw my curtains as I don't know if they can see through them or not????

    I really want to call the police, but my partner told me to leave it I am very angry and I really have had enough. :banghead: :banghead:

    Any ideas guys????

    Very, very depressed


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    Hey Dawnie!

    you could always ring or pop in to the local police station and just ask again, its unlikly you will speak to the same person, and when they tell you you could express your concern about NFH doing it to you.

    might be better going into the station and doing it face to face, over the phone you can not guage peoples body language and facial expressions.

    god, cry if it helps!! :cry: they might realise then what [email protected]&% you are going through, there is nothing wrong with showing your emotions to the police, if it helps!!

    normally I am against using femine charm and all that but if needs must and it gets results.....well!!!


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      Thanks for replying Beth

      I will pop into my local Police station in the morning the way I feel at the moment I will most probably cry my eyes out :blush:


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        Good luck, Dawnie

        Don't worry about crying, it's a release mechanism and I'm sure the police will understand Take care

        "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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          Hi Dawnie

          What a horrible situation to be in

          When you go to the police station, just let your tears flow. When you come out, I hope you feel much better



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            Not only illegal very immoral. Good luck with the police tomorrow.

            (Please don't do this but you haven't got a very vulgar poster you could stick to your window have you?)

            Take care Kevin


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              Hi Dawnie

              I would have thought that directing a camera into your property was an infringement of your rights to privacy.

              My understanding is that people can use CCTV/cameras to protect their own property but not to intrude into others.

              Definitely have a chat to the Police and the Housing Office as well.

              Let us know what they say won't you, please?


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                I agree strongly with the other posts Dawnie! This is an invasion of your privacy :badmood:

                Let us know what the police say....good luck



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                  CCTV Help Article coming soon at the Help Section here:


                  With input from a Pro - Dave Partridge @


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                    Just wanted to add that our latest CCTV article that makes for some hopefully interesting viewing is:

                    CCTV, You and The Law

                    This should help here


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                      This is an updated modern day version of Peeping Tom's and the police do something about them and this should be treated no differently either.

                      Someone said about it being an invasion of your privacy - well thats correct and they are into dangerous terriotry if they are filming you too.

                      I suspect that Madhatter is videoing me as I water our front garden of an evening (its a bit like the hanging gardens of Babylon at the mo). If he is and if he is stupid enough to admit it, then he is in for another offence being logged against him and no doubt being charged for.

                      Speak with your local station and ask them to take action - and quickly.