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  • Still Trying

    Wow what a load of changes sice I was last here

    No changes about the NFH though, they are still being really nasty and I can't remember where I posted my last topic (about dogs mess being thrown into our local stream)

    Well they still do it and I have screamed & shouted to my housing officer, and at the Enviromental health but no one is interested I don't know where to turn next??

    Does anyone have any ideas I could try

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    Good changes, I hope Dawnie? :P

    What have the responses been (if any)?


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      Great changes to the board Holly (good to see you again)

      My Housing officer just told me to phone the enviromental health department, which I did but the EH department told me that because they throw the mess late at night, it will be difficlut to prove and that they don't like *whistle blowers*

      Well you can imagine how angry I am, I am not being nasty I just want to have good health, not to mention all the kids that will be effected in the long run

      I don't know Holly, I feel like I am banging my head against a brick wall, and that the housing & EH will never do anthing about this

      Oooo sorry I got a bit carried away for a minute there :sad: I bet you wish you never asked now eh!! :lol:


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        EH department told me that because they throw the mess late at night, it will be difficlut to prove and that they don't like *whistle blowers**

        I'm gobsmacked!!!! So we're all supposed to keep quiet about things that can affect peoples' health just so the EH can have a quiet time and be paid for nothing!!

        Maybe you should blow the whistle on them, Dawnie

        "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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          You need to provide photographic evidence of the dirty deed.

          does he/she pick up the mess the dog left behind.

          where do they put it.

          supply a name and address and photo and send it off to your council.

          sit back and wait.

          We HAD the same problem here.


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            mrunhappy, to cut a long story short, my NFH scoops up the mess puts it in a plastic carrier bag, then throws it over the back fence (we have a stream running along the back of our gardens, for the wildlife)

            As they throw the mess over at 1-2am in the morning, it is hard to capture them on camera

            I have just sent emails to all departments of the Enviromental office, I have stated that if they won't do anything, then I will become a whistle blower and go to the press about them :angry:

            I will let you know if I get a reply, they shouldn't have made me soooo I can't believe they called me a whistle blower :angry: I am just a concerned citizen.


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              The filthy BEEPS!!

              Just a thought, but what about the National Rivers Authority in England (or whatever they call themselves nowadays) or SEPA in Scotland after all, these people are polluting a water course?


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                Councils dont care a hoot, i was taking my dog down this dirt tract going to the Leeds-Liverpool canal for a long walk, and what did i see but a tipper lorry dumping tyres, and a load had already been dumped, so i rung our council up yes siree Metropolital Borough of Wigan(the motto is the caring borough) spoke to the EH, not our concern they said, not a health hazard so here is another phone no to ring, well you know the rest, i never got anybody really interested. This country is finished when even councils are so apathetic.