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International noise awareness day

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  • International noise awareness day

    This is your chance guys to start doing something to change the way noise makers and the victims are treated.

    on April the 30th it is international noise awareness day.

    If you want to take part and be proactive then this is a good day to start!!

    We are in close contact with Val Weedon who is in the process of sending us the fine details of what this day means.

    how can you help??

    Well the best way to help is advertise and publise the day

    e-mail your local radio station, ask them if they know what day it is, if not tell them!

    write to the local paper (and national) complaining about the noise todays society have to put up with.

    contact your councillors and MPs telling them that it is noise day!!

    please remember to advertise this site as well!!

    Val is very invloved with noise organisations including the noise network and the noise association.

    (please check out the links page on the main site)

    So by the end of April I hope that every one of us has sent at least one e-mail or letter.

    We need to be proactive to make the changes and just by making people aware there is a problem that is a start.

    I will let you have more details when I get them!!

    Power to the people!!!

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    Thats great April!

    Hope everyone copies suit!

    We really need to be heard chaps and this is the way to do it, please remember you can ask the press to with hold your details or you could use your forum name!

    getting that key board tapping away!


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      I have just added an article on this issue in our works monthly Newsletter, with details of the site.

      Beth, have you contacted your local paper?


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        I am going to start tonight (if its quiet at work I can do some letter writing!)

        I didnt want to do it till April, as I worry that important letters get lost as they must have a load.

        I have had contact before with the local reporter for the Yorkshire Evening Post, so will give him a tinkle soon and offer him the story.

        Also had another e-mail from Val Weedon about the day, She is going to post here in a bit to update you.

        keep writing!


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          never mind April,

          I have only just got round to sending them as well! naughty me!

          Sent letters to; the wright stuff, this morning, richard and judy, and radio one!

          still need to contact the paper.

          Please keep writing everyone, I cheated and did them all via emails!


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            come on guys!!!

            only 9 days before international noise awareness day!

            what have you done to promote it?

            please post here and let us know, thats promote and plug both the day and the site as much as possible!!

            (still waiting for replies )

            Val is going to the houses of pariliment and will be advertising NFH there, she is doing a display for the MPs and is going to print off our logo.

            thanks Val!


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              If someone has written something to a paper/ somewhere, could they paste it in as a reply/ attachment?

              It just makes the whole thing easier! I will then write to my local papers.