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noise action day 2004!

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  • noise action day 2004!

    I received this a while ago and I meant to share it all with you


    We have had very positive feedback from Defra, who have informally confirmed

    that they are able to support us again in 2004 in raising awareness of noise

    in England, and I have contacted the Devolved Administrations with regard to

    supporting the initiative next year. I* hope that you will also be able to

    support what has become an established UK wide initiative.

    Noise Action Week?

    There is a strong feeling from participants this year that they would like

    more flexibility in when they run their initiatives - and there appears to

    be firm support for a Noise Action Week. Preliminary research suggests that

    the week of 24th May would be most appropriate. (to avoid a clash with the

    may Bank Holiday (w/c 31 May), Green Transport Week (w/c 7 June) (and

    National Food Safety Week- w/c 14 June) - any thoughts you have on timing

    would be welcome. A number of participants already run activities over a few

    days, and others run initiatives on other days during the week of NAD - so

    we feel that this would be advantageous to all involved.

    Please let us know any thoughts you have on the proposed timing, as well as

    any resources you think would help you in working to educate people to

    reduce noise. We hope to confirm a date by the second week of September.

    Thank you for continuing to support NAD (NAW?)

    Best wishes

    Mary Stevens - Project Manager

    as I say, it was a while ago I got it! :blush:

    havent heard yet if the date is going to be confirmed.

    so shall we do something???

    if yes what??

    some of us have talked before about NFHiB day, would this be a good time to slot it in??

    please let us know your thoughts, about your day, after all, its your site!!!

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    I think moving from NAD to a week is a good thing. Gives a better chance for people to run events.

    A NFHiB day? Yes, good idea too, perhaps could be run alongside the NAW? Or even better, have it's own day separate from noise - as we all know, NFH are not just about noise.

    What do others think?


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      Go for it! And, even though it goes against my principles (of greed! :lol: ) I will be able to provide my news release writing services free of charge.


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        Thanks NB!

        more publiticy the better and all!


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          heres the date for this year!

          Noise Action Day - Thursday 27th May 2004

          Just a reminder about Noise Action Day and the materials NSCA are supplying

          to support you in raising awareness of the anti-social aspects of neighbour

          noise on May 27th. With anti-social behaviour legislation coming onto the

          statutes across the UK, NAD provides an opportunity to highlight a

          contemporary problem. Research by NSCA and Defra funded research have shown

          that better education is one way to tackle neighbour noise.

          NAD Information Pack

          This will contain case studies of successful initiatives and background

          information to help you plan activities on the day. It will also contain

          sample promotional materials that you can order from us - including and A4

          flyer/poster, bookmark, pens, stickers and leaflets.

          New! - CD Rom

          Due to popular demand, and following the lead of NSCA Scotland in 2003, a CD

          Rom will be distributed with the information pack, to enable you to

          customise your own materials. It will include:

          NAD logo

          Artwork to create a NAD banner


          Press Release Letterhead

          Customisable - NAD leaflet, Bookmark and Flyer

          14 noise cartoons

          If you don't have the time/resources to produce your own materials, posters,

          leaflets, bookmarks, pens etc will all be available from us. An order form

          will be included in the toolkit and will be on the NSCA website.

          If you have any case studies, photographs of activities last year that we do

          not already have, please get in touch. and please let us know your plans for

          innovative activities for 2004.

          The CD and Information Pack will be with you at the very beginning of March.

          In the mean time, we can email the NAD logo on request.

          Please note that NAD now has a dedicated email address -

          [email protected]

          We hope that you will continue to support NAD in 2004.

          so please get your your thinking hats on, what can we do?

          I guess the best thing is to tell as many people as possible, that includes MPs and councillors, and all council officals!


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            I have received the pack today and its full of ideas!

            what can you do as a member of NFHiB?

            *please email or write to your local paper, tell them that NAD is 27th May and you think it would be a good idea if they printed something about it

            *please contact your local talk radio station and ask them to plan a chat on this date about noise, you can emphise the NFH bit!

            *contact your local council and councillors, ask them if they know about NAD ask them to send off for a pack!

            *do you have children at school? mention it to the teachers, there is a special teaching pack for £20 which can be used as part of the curriculuem (pass on the email address for NAD [email protected] )

            *tell your work mates, friends and relatives about noise day!

            the more people who know about it the better

            *please do try to push NFHiB to who ever you mention it too!

            I did receive the disk with logos and letter heads, if anyone is interested I can try to email you some of it! then you can even print a poster off for your work place!! :lol:

            Please let us know what you might be able to do as NSCA would like to know as well

            NB'd- still ok for that press release? :lol:


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              hi everyone

              I am getting a bit excited about this noise day! we really can do a lot to make a difference!!!

              I have written a template letter for anyone who would like to contact their radio station or newspaper, you can use your screen name if you want to rather than your own name or you can forward any email address' to me and I will send out the email if you dont want to use a personal email address.

              please add or delete anything you want to , it is only a template letter!

              just copy and paste!

              Dear ------

              I am contacting you to let you know that on 27th May this year it is noise action day.

              On this day it is hoped that the effects of different types of noise will be publicised nation wide.

              I am writing this to you as I am a member of an internet support group called *Neighbours from hell in Britain*, this group helps, supports and offers advice to people with neighbour problems.

              The site and forum board are run purely by volunteers and is available to everyone at no cost.

              Sadly a major factor with in neighbour disputes is noise and this is why NFHiB is getting involved with noise action day this year.

              Nearer the time the people who help on the NFHiB forum board and website will be looking at writing a press release, showing some figures of noise related problems that are encountered with primarily neighbours.

              Please would you consider running a story/holding a discussion (either radio or newspaper delete which ever) about this problem on 27th May 2004, noise action day

              If you would like any more information please do not hesitate to contact me or a member of the admin team at NFHiB

              Thank you very much for your time




              lets really try to get the message out there this year! noise is not good, so lets tell everyone how it can effect us!


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                and for the councillors and MPs.....

                Dear councillor / MP (delete as needed)

                I am writing to you as a member of an internet support group called Neighbours From Hell in Britain.

                This comprises of both a website, with information to help people with neighbour issues and, a forum board where members can offer each other advice and support.

                The forum is a friendly one with over 1400 members, and is run by volunteers and is totally free for everyone.

                This year on 27th May 2004, NFHiB will be supporting noise action day, this is run by the NSCA ( )

                We feel it is important that the issue of noise is recognised at all levels through out the country.

                Noise can affect people in many different ways and continuous noise can make people very ill and also is a factor in causing some people depression.

                I would like to invite you to look at the NFHiB website so you can see for yourself the extent of the problem in the British Isles with neighbour issues.

                Would it be possible please to pass these details of noise action day to your colleagues and fellow councillors/MPs (delete as needed) as we feel at NFHiB these issues should be raised at government level.

                Thank you very much for your time





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                  Beth - they are great. I'll get typing


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                    Thanks for doing mine too then, Beth :lol:

                    Ooh, you could always add my name on with yours - united front and all that!


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                      hehe, cheeky Holly!!

                      Actually I wanted to talk to you about this! :lol:


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                        Oh Lordy, what's she trying to get me roped in to :P :lol: :whistle:


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                          Can we get in touch with the major national news organisations - I'd love to see a major story about this on the BBC News website, also being covered by the 24Hr news channels on the day in question!

                          I've found a couple of contact links for organisations, but I don't know if this is the right place to submit such things:


                          I've also found email addresses for the main TV news channels:

                          [email protected]

                          ITV News - [email protected] or [email protected]

                          Channel 4 News - [email protected] or [email protected]

                          five News - [email protected]

                          It would also be good if we could contact the various local BBC Radio and TV stations - however I've been less successful in finding contacts for those!


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                            thanks Coasternut! thats Brillant!! :thumbs:

                            contact everyone!!!!!!! :lol:

                            I have so far emailed a few of my councillors, the wright stuff (channel 5) and 3 counties radio (beds, bucks and herts)

                            got a whole long list to do!

                            every time I see something on the tv or hear something on the radio, I think ooo and them!!


                            where I live this link is for bbc radio, you can find any bbc local staion through this (I hope)

                            I think its great that everyone wants to make a difference this year!

                            good on yer all :thumbs: :flowers:


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                              BTW check this out, bbc leeds here

                              they linked us! on the left!!