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  • ASBO book

    Anyone intersted in purchasing an Anti-Social Behaviour Order (ASBO) book to read up on the issues?

    There's a link to the ad on the amazon site here for you:

    It may be useful for people who want to get all the information so they are more empowered when dealing with their LA/HA landlord - or for general interest .

    I'd love to see a review if anyone does get it (and read it!)

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    That link turned up blank but here's one that'll work. Hopefully.

    It does sound interesting reading. Might be able to get one from the library.
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      Thanks for the new link Rockbank, don't know what went wrong with the one I had put in .

      Yes, trying to get it from the library may be a good way of getting your hands on it. Hadn't thought of that! Let me know if you get it.