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  • Meeting with MP

    Members may be interested to know that I am meeting with Bob Russell MP at the House of Commons of February 26th to discuss anti social neighbours. Bob contacted me last year because a number of his constituents had been to see him regarding noise problems. He has been very supportive of campaigners and even raised questions in parliament on our behalf.

    I now keep in contact with Bob to see what related issues he can raise in the House and the point of our meeting on 26th Feb won't be confined to just noise, but general anti social neighbour problems. It appears that some of his constituents have experienced problems with neighbours that come under "care in the community". This is a delicate one, but obviously creates problems for people who have to live with neighbours that, for example, have mental health problems.

    What we need to do is draw up a list of solutions, so if anyone has any suggestions please let me know. Matthew, if you are interested in joining that meeting on behalf of the NFH site, lets discuss it.

    Best wishes


    UK Noise Association

    & Noise Network

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    Thanks Val, that all sounds very positive and welcoming news

    I'll contact you via e-mail about this.

    It's fantastic to see an MP take things like this seriously and proactively.