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  • Racers

    I have recently moved into a newly built housing development in Stoke-on-Trent overlooking a retail park and have found, along with my many of my neighbours, that the noise created by racers at night and into the early hours of the morning is unbearable. We have all, on numerous occasions, contacted both the police and the local council, neither of which seem to be very interested in the problem and are more than willing to pass responsibility between themselves.

    Could you suggest any way forward for us as we really are getting desperate :cry:

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    Welcome to the board Sarah

    It sounds extremely irritating and very, very disturbing what you're living with.

    Can you tell us what the Police and Local Authority have been saying when you've brought the matter to their attention?

    My thoughts that spring to mind:

    - Are the car racers causing criminal damage? (e.g. to local amenities, shops, car park, etc).

    - Are they involved too in anti-social behaviour?

    (See the NFH Anti-Social Behaviour Article for info.)

    -The noise is an issue - your local authority have a duty to investigate this under current legislation (e.g. Noise Act 1996, etc). Please see the NFH Noise Help Sheet for a detailed overview of what you can/can't do.

    -Are you recording the noise and instances so far on diary sheets? Tedious it is, but neccessary to gather evidence . If all neighbours affected by the noise/disturbance keep them it's better.

    -Can you contact your Local Councillor and ask for help? Maybe a sympathetic local newspaper would positively highlight this problem even?

    -Do you know who owns the retail park and are they aware this is happening? I'm sure they'd be more than interested if the car racers posed a security or damage risk to their retail outlets or property.

    Sorry about all the questions just trying to get a good overview How long has this been going on for? I wonder if the cars are insured/properly licenced drivers, etc?

    Hope that helps a little, hope you can visit us regularly

    :nfh1: :yobs:


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      Welcome to the Board.

      I can see your point on the subject of noise from these people.

      I know exactly what you are going through, revving engines,

      screeching tyres, possibly very loud music.

      Do they race up and down the road at night?

      The police might be interested if they are speeding.

      You could get all your neighbours to phone the police and you as well

      when they turn up again.

      Multiple calls from the same area usually get them thinking.

      Hopefully responding.

      Report it to your local newspaper but remain annonymous,this

      might stir up some support.

      Oh,and good luck


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        I would try to make contact with the owners of the retail park and let them know

        tell them the stores are at risk

        will have a think

        yes contact the councillors too


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          Thanks for all the replies: :unsure: so many questions I don't know where to start!

          -Whenever we contact the police we get the usual story 'we'll send down a patrol when we have one free' - this works well for the five minutes they're there (if they actually turn up), but as soon as the police are gone, the racers are back again in force. When we have got a little further along in a conversation with the person who answers our telephone call we are told to contact the local inspector who is in charge of the problem and seems to be so busy when we try to contact him we can't.

          -As for criminal damage - I can't say I am aware of any being caused, but the racers leave an awful lot of rubbish around. I've often seen them dropping fast food containers out of there windows onto the floor.

          -I've had a read through your article about anti social behaviour and can see that the racers could be described as being involved in anti social behaviour in that if you do happen to be driving through the retail park (we have to to get to our house), you can sometime be caught up in a convoy of racers which can be very intimidating in that they drive very close behind and rev their engines at you - possibly because they think you're another racer.

          -The local authority are very aware of the situation. We did have a meeting arranged with a local member of council - but he never turned up and has not been contactable either.

          -We haven't recorded the insidents so far (but will endevour to do so from now on) although I know that since we moved in about 8 weeks ago the racers have been present all but about 3 nights (when it was raining very heavily) and we know from talking to the neighbours who have been here a few weeks longer, the problem has been there longer.

          -There is an ongoing debate about the racers in the local paper - I'll send you the stories that have been shown so far if you're interested - they make for interesting reading.

          -The owner of the retail park is aware of the situation and has been supportive in that they have put barriers across all of the car parks. This stops the racers congregating on there but doesn't help with the road that links the whole park together.

          I'm sorry that's all a bit long winded!

          Thanks again for your support,



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            Hi SarahF and welcome

            I've seen quite a few bits on the news about this sort of behaviour which is really dangerous. I've had a look around to see what snippets of information I can find.





            A lot of the information is related to that new film Fast and Furious 2 (or something like that) - not a very sensible film then to be directing at youngsters.

            I'd try and get concerned parties together to see what you can all do collectively to get this sorted out. Sooner or later, something awful will happen.

            Let us know how you get on.


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              Thanks Hollygolightly - I'll have a look at the sites. I've heard from one of the neighbours that before we moved in a car with passengers rolled itself bonnet over boot - I don't know what the outcome was (all uninjured I would assume as it wasn't plastered over the local paper) but this hasn't deterred them.



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                Hi Sarah

                My sympathies! I live on a quiet crescent, with steep hills at either side, and it seems to be a magnet for racers!(incidentally, I have accused one lot of them of not having cars that quite fit into film Holly mentioned!).

                Most of these cars seem to be either stolen, or ready for the scrapyard, and bought expressly for the purpose of racing(and crashing).

                They are frequently abandoned on my road, smashed to pieces, and, once, set on fire outside my house. Grim. If any are untaxed, and left about, report to DVLA. If you suspect they are stolen(our local 11/12/13 year olds usually give this away by looking far too young to drive), then you may get a quicker police response.

                I do try to get make/model/reg number...but not always possible when they are going around at high speed!

                Keep us posted.



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                  Well, let's see. There's Radio Stoke, The Evening Sentinel, the chief contstable and there is the Police Authority for your police force. And there's you MP, too. Faxyourmp Also, contact the owners of the property. Are they aware of what is happening?

                  It's on a retail park? Then try some "name and shame" and call for people to boycott the stores, there. They don't like adverse publicity. Even if nobody answers a call to Boycott, the fact that it has been done will cause the people who handle the PR for the company some grief. They do not like bad PR. So see about giving them some. :lol:

                  By the way, there was a case in Birmingham where a boy racer had his car confiscated by the police. If the West Midalnds police can do it, so can the Staffordshire Police!


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                    It's not the Festival Park is it? O and i am forgetting me manner's Hi Sarah me and thee come from the same county