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Boy Racers Are Making Our Lives Hell

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  • Boy Racers Are Making Our Lives Hell

    Story can be read directly here.

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    There's a problem similar to this at a very large shopping centre car park in the midlands (Gordy would know hich one it is) better not name it, although the story was on the local news for a very long time last year. The police are powelesss to do anything, but these 'boy racers' - lets say law breakers who don't give a da**, were on the shopping centre's property after the centre was closed. law being broken, so why powerless? Beats me - perhaps Gordy has a more detailed account.


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      we have a simalar problem just round the corner where I work,

      a large supermarket car park turns into screeching tyre race track on sunday afternoons/evenings.

      we have noticed the problem has gotton worse with the longer summer nights.

      it sounds so close to us some of our residents are worried to go out as there is always that chance the boy racers will seep out onto the roads in the area.

      the funniest thing about it is the police station is just opposite this car park.....however....due to cut backs our police station is closed during the evenings and weekends!!!

      now I was under the impression that a lot of crime happens in the evenings and at weekends!!!

      if we do need the police during these times we have to wait for officers to come out of Leeds and that is dependant on if there enough officers to do that....Leeds united match days....well, we just pray there wont be a problem!!


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        They close at weekends and evenings????????

        This problem is on the increase and I just don't understand why when laws are being broken the police are powerless. This non enforcement of laws, this standing by while anarchy takes over will create a backlash.