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  • Noisy Neighbour, Itv

    I almost missed it But hubby was switching between channels downstairs and shouted up to me, good ol' hubby.

    I was impressed with the 24/7 Noise Nuisance Team. I wonder if they have them in other cities? A very good programme, I thought, especially as it allowed people to tell how noise affected them.

    I thought the old deaf bloke was a bit nasty. He accused his upstairs neighbour of being antisocial, but referred to her as 'it'. No wonder she was afraid to approach him personally!! I felt so sorry for the middle aged couple, couldn't place their accents although they sounded Polish or East European. They seemed to be having a particularly bad time with NFH above and below them

    I loved Paul McKenna's comment about making someone cluck like a chicken for life

    One of the better programmes I've seen about NFH/noise nuisance.

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    We have noise officers like them in our area. Were very good when a couple of our neighbours were playing up. Thing is that they are only available from Thursday to Sunday. Maybe that's when we need them most, but there are NFH,s that do this sort of thing all the time.

    Saw the programme and like others, was wound up by some of the stories, especially when the officers had been to these NFH's time and time again and it hadn't made any difference.