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    Read the story in full, here.

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    Yes Matthew,

    I read that yesterday in the Sunday Mail.

    Will be interesting to see if the MSP's actually get anything done about it and then also if any legislation has any teeth so to speak.

    I can think about a potential prosecution not a million miles away!!!!

    "Take off and nuke the site from orbit- it's the only way to be sure!"

    apologies if you are an "Aliens" fan

    Posh Noodle - NOT for the likes of YOU!!


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      There was an ongoing row about a 'goat shed' when we lived in Lochaber. A 'goat shed' that had a front door, complete with brass door furniture (why would goats need a letterbox?) windows and many other features not usually considered essential to the well-being of your average goat. These may have been exceptional goats - indeed, they must have been if they could read - but despite the fancy structural adornments, they didn't seem to require any more space than normally allotted to a pair of goats; I saw the 'dwelling' and it was no bigger than a goat shed.

      I never did hear the outcome - probably because it is still an ongoing case, and also, other issues displaced it in the news. Such as some half-wit, seeing a bale of hay balanced on a window sill and making the assumption that a horse was being kept in the house, immediately reporting the matter to the council.

      When a set of sheets covered in hoofprints appeared on the line with the laundry . . . . case proven.

      Then it was whether or not ferrets should be kept in a house, the arguments against being that a local councillor felt so threatened by them she had to climb on a sideboard when once confronted with one - and

      that as the tenants seeking permission to keep ferrets indoors already had a reputation for keeping horses in the house, they should not be allowed to keep ferrets. (Ferrets are the most popular apartment-kept pet after cats in the USA, only stinking if not kept clean, like the small Vietnamese pigs which are also very popular housepets in the US. All animals are naturally clean if allowed to be but if they are locked in with their mess, they are as dirty as a human would be in the same circumstances.)

      In the end we had our ferrets. The (permanent marker) hoofprinted sheets still exist as laundry bags, ironing board covers etc. As far as I know, the 'goats' still have their house too, odd though it looked stuck up on the brae well above the road.

      I know what you mean by people who build huge 'sheds' and 'playhouses' in their gardens; our back garden, already short of sun and actual light because of NFH 1's kitchen extension which keeps most of the light out of our kitchen, together with their 6ft fence was bad enough; when new tenants moved into the house the garden of which abuts the end of our garden and built a 'playhouse' taller and bigger than a garage and cut off all the rest of the sunlight so that we can now grow nothing at all in that ground - and then filled the remaining three feet beside it with very tall - we've yet to find out how tall - cypresses

      we complained as we have to have the light on whenever we actually use the kitchen for fear of cuts and burns - which means we are floodlit for the viewing of the entire block of houses whose gardens back on to ours. One can hardly cook with the windows closed - it is hard enough keeping the steam and stink out of the rest of the house as it is, and as we do not have double glazing, condensation is a terrible problem.

      Nothing has been done, of course. Typical of this council. Every garden has a large pigeon loft - some two storey efforts. Constant shower of ****.

      The other effect of all these garden structures and high fences is that our back door can be broken open in complete privacy. The Crittall windows are hardly any barrier to anyone who wants in, either. We had to replace the glass in the door with heavy boarding for security, so that at least the noise would be a deterrent, but this puts the space (not big enough to be called a hallway or even vestibule) outside the bathroom leading to the kitchen in complete darkness.

      The security problem abated somewhat when Janus took up residence, of course, but he is high maintenance and expensive to feed.

      All these great buildings - but we can't have a porch - despite the fact that the lack keeps me housebound.

      Oh well, when I replace the chair with my bike - they'll wish they'd given me the porch, won't they? I am not intending to buy a little F*RT-in-a-box like the ones the local pests ride. One which CAN make rather more noise than those . . . . and which will free me from having to sit here and listen to them. I do hope they get the point without my having to make it by coasting to a halt outside their houses and giving the throttle a few blips to underline it.

      Especially when they realise that for bad times (and if I'm still here when I must spend most of my time in a chair) I will be able to attach a sidecar which will carry a lightweight wheelchair (one can actually strap an amazing amount to a racing sidecar when a board base has been added) and will thus still be able to give as good - and better - as I get.

      Best of all, I shall be able to go down to the Housing office whenever I feel like it . . . . AND COMPLAIN IN PERSON!