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Court Clash After Neighbour Kicked Up A Stink...

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  • Court Clash After Neighbour Kicked Up A Stink...

    Read the full story here.

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    "Take off and nuke the site from orbit- it's the only way to be sure!"

    apologies if you are an "Aliens" fan

    Posh Noodle - NOT for the likes of YOU!!


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      Originally posted by horsefans@Jun 9 2003, 7:06 PM





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        Raw sewage through reed beds????? Look, speaking as someone with a septic tank - you do not want raw sewage anywhere!!!!!!!!


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          And in someone elses garden - a right blinking stink!

          I knew they dealt with industrial effluent though. I have this horrible picture in my mind of brown sludge seeping through someone's garden.

          Last time our septic tank was emptied I got talking to the chap (who loved his job by the way) and he was telling me all the jabs he has to have with the certificates to prove he's had them before he can work. Plus all the regs that go with having a tanker of raw sewage on the public highway.

          I often think there must be a more natural way of dealing with sewage - but reed beds didn't come into my mind!

          So the reed bed system must filter and syphon? Does it go as far as purifying the water? If so I'm impressed with knobs on.

          I often think there's a natural remedy/cure for everything but we just haven't worked it out or found it yet.


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            I too have heard of this - for industrial effluent, I seem to remember that reeds - being when green, full of water, take up the muck, and as part of their natural life - metabolism if that can be applied to plants - absorb and chemically change the stuff into a form that can be assumed by the native soil. How reeds are supposed to deal with toilet paper I don't know and can't imagine. Even biodegradable papers are still made of woodpulp and would still take very much longer to degrade than your average turd, never mind the fact that I don't think reeds can possibly absorb it, and rice paper, which does dissolve very quickly indeed when soaked in water, would hardly be up to making an adequate substitute for your economy recycled bio-d rolls. I think it might dissolve rather too quickly to be practical. Dock leaves aren't all they are cracked up to be, either! It may be possible to wrap and burn many of the items often flushed down loos, but I don't think used loo paper comes into that category. Wonder what the royal bum uses?

            The soil, or rather, type of land is essential I believe. It will only work where reed beds would occur naturally - on the wrong kind of land it would indeed be a stinking mess as it would all just lie on the surface - just stinking! I assume that Charles, having both sufficient land at Highgrove to have a suitable low-lying place (suitably distant from the upper-class noses - or is that why they walk around with uplifted hooters?) also, the dosh to have an expert research both the methods used locally in the past and suitable types of land for those methods, would have a successful system, but if a person who had heard or read of it, simply thought it was a good idea and transplanted reeds to any old stream or pond, might not get the same results.

            For instance, it certainly would not be the case here, however much I admire natural methods of maintaining the environment. Gluey cold wet clay - reeds might root in dumped topsoil but the water would lie on the clay together with the sewage and stink it most certainly would, hardly improving the environment.

            If one is going to do things like this, local history is the key. (which might be how come there is so much **** and **** in the streets here - they still chuck it out of the windows, but being so anti-foreigners, neglect to shout 'Gardez-l'eau' - that being French. There was me thinking it was drunks on the way home . . . it certainly ain't dogs. Ever seen a Great Dane using Kleenex to wipe it's posterior?

            Seriously, if it is possible to discover how the town fathers dealt with the problem pre-Bazalgette, then that would probably be the best way. If the local H & E dept. will allow it. It is actually a fascinating subject, the nitty-gritty of daily living in the past, far more so than the precise dates on which one rich bully (aka the local baron) forced his peasantry to attack another rich bully's serfs.



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              Ooo...I like to be green...but not at the expense of others!

              like you have said, you need to know what you are doing, I think they had them had that big white dome place in London (cant spell milleinummn!!)

              I dont think they worked on raw sewage though! just the water, and that was only used for the mum has a poster of the dome in her bathroom describing it all!


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                I too find this fascinating as the system we have now can't be sustainable - can it?

                Fascintaing to hear about this on the BBC2 programme 'What the Victorians did for Us' I think it's called.

                A farmer in our county is turning his pig/cow waste into energy - he already powers his own property with it - that to me is the right way forward.

                Yep I'm all for going green. I hate waste - all the packaging that our food comes in has riled for years - stopped buying Easter eggs and a few other heavily packaged goods years ago because of it. All that paper for not much product. Also wash sandwich bags and clean tin foil (not forever, but I don't use it once and throw away) learnt that from the Green Party years ago. I also reuse office paper - I never print something out unless I need to and then I reuse the paper (the other side being clean) for shopping lists, notes, etc.

                Also stopped buying shop cakes to a great extent - this was through recent illness, but partner said my homemade cakes are tons better anyway, so am slowly going back to making a cake on a Friday, smell of home made cake when boyfie walks through the door etc - not bad for someone like me!