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A Program About Vandals

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  • A Program About Vandals

    good morning,

    I just saw a program about vandals..."cuh" not very uplifting viewing really.

    If they actually catch them, the police do what?...a fine...maybe £50.

    You really wonder if theres anything between the ears of ppl setting the rools. i sometimes wonder if theres anything between my ears...and if i find out i'll let you know.

    I don't claim to be an authority on anything....but from a common sense perspective not having any form of punishment for crimes doesn't seem a very good way of stopping ignoramaces from commiting the crimes.

    I am prolly not making a very valid point as studies have shown capital punishment isn't an efffective deterant,

    i reckon its the parents...yesterday i was driving not very far at all from where i live...admitedly i was driving in a not very good part ...there was a gang of kids..and one standing by the road holding a great big stone...looking daggers feigning throwing it at my car as a drove past.

    I honestly thought the little pecker would do it and was getting ready to know thinking what i was gonna do...he didn't do it...maybe he saw my face and knew he was gonna get hurt if he did.

    I'll add at this point i'm like an ultimate wimp... i am in no way threatening...never fight ..would be too worried i would hurt the other person if i did (" don't hold your breath"), i think it would always be the wrong decision to sink that low, but this stuff makes the red mist decend.

    Its just cr*p that this sort of things happens , and is happening more.

    If its on t.v. in another city it doesn't seem real..but just down the road it is real,

    basically i was wondering if anyone has the solution to social and economic problems, and the crumbling values of an increasing number of the society...maybe they sell world peace in bottles nowadays...its also possible i'm just rambling.

    maybe i'm young and nieve ( phonetically that word should sound like "ny-eve")

    ...or maybe just noticing things more..or maybe i'll say maybe again.bye.

    "MAN: Fetchez la vache!"

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    thanks vern!

    I missed it tonight as I had to watch the penultimate episode of Buffy!

    I did see 2 mins of it when kids were throwing stones and eggs at a house.

    what is the world coming to?

    in fact the tiny amount I saw was more NFH than the NFH programme on last night!

    and by the way...I love your spelling! it does nt make me look so bad then!


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      i aim to sneeze

      and yeah buffy was good!


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        I saw it and it mad me feel sick in places. It was all just so mindless, especially that terrifying bit where those yobs ambushed that poor bunch of firemen. Sick, sick, sick. What made me think though was the fact that about 98% of all the crimes shown were caused by adolescent boys, some as young as 9. Why is it a male thing? There were a few girls at the end but they were pulling up a few plants. What is it about boys that makes them want to be like this?? Is it a hormonal thing or what?

        The one that got me was that 15 year old who'd received an ASBO and his parents were putting it down to him being "over active" "bored" and "a typical 15 year old kid". Saying that he was doing these things because there was nothing to do and people pointed the finger at him for being a troublemaker and it upset him. Why can't parents just accept that they've raised a horrible child? It's always the fault of society and their child is the victim. Grrrrr. The dad made it sound like every 15 year old boy was a menace like his son. Sorry, not true!


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          i too watched this with interest as you say just what do the police and authorities want? we fel we are going round in circles at the moment and would definately like to meet claire castle :


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            in response to what jeannie said.. boys are idiots...i spose thre is some genetic thing making a show of how tough they are ..and therefore how good a mate they would be "look at me..i may not be able to contruct a thought...but i am brave enough to make life miserable for some other person"

            my grandparents had and continue to have no end of prollems from nusiance kids...when the police were involved with installing camera to watch their turned out it was 9 y/o kids. i agree with what you said about those parents, just look at them...they didn't exactly carry themselves as responsible i spose it can be argued what chance has the kid got, i am fairly sure i am not a yob....and my younger sister is about the sweetest person i have met yet, and thats down to my parents taking the trouble to be parents.

            corr...i'm busy with posts today, i think i'll lie down.


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              Have a lie down Vernon. Just don't do it in a random phone box in Sheffield.


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                I watched this and thought it was better than the NFH 2003 programme on ITV on Wednesday.

                My mind was completely boggling at how people (the younger "yobs" in particular) behave. Such destruction and no respect for other people's property whatsoever.

                I don't know, vernon, what the solution to the social problems in this country are. I do think that the laws in this country need to get tougher, the sentences for the vandals on this programme were ludicrous. At one point they said that the fines ranged from £280 (and I thought the next fugure was going to be higher!) to something like a fiver.

                A fiver???? What kind of a fine do you call that? What punishment is there in that? It's ridiculous.


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                  Yes I watched the prog as well and can only agree with what everybody has said.

                  Jeannie, I'm in full agreement with you over that 15 year old. His parents were virutally empowering him to go out and commit these crimes!! Then they tried to blame victim!!! What kind of people are these? What went wrong with their genetic make up to make them like this? I'd be horrified if my son had attacked a defenceless woman with a disabled child!! And the little yob didn't even have the decency to express any remorse, instead he claims he was the victim! Well isn't that just typical of the world of the NFH?

                  As to the little vandals who attacked the fire-engine, their parents would be the first to whine if their house burned down while the fire service was attending a 'stoning'!!

                  It was nice to see some of the young idiots hoist by their own petard, but the penalties they received were derisory!! How many other young yobs, seeing that will feel they can go and destroy property with impunity? When are the courts in this country going to take things seriously?

                  It really makes you wonder what dark, sinister agenda is at work in the world today!

                  "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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                    Badger I'm so sorry to hear about your dad. This is the hidden cost of vandalism, NFHism and general antisocial behaviourism.

                    It's always counted in monetary terms by the powers-that-be. But the cost in human tragedy is astronomical. I was reading the kidscape site last night and they have a piece about bullying and the no-blame policies of some schools. I think this system was brought over from Sweden which is not surprising as they seem to have a lot of socialist type ideas. I've read a few horror stories about kids who have their parents terrorised because parents are not allowed to chastise them.

                    But this sort of thing has crept into all areas of our lives. It's as if those who claim to have authority are too scared to attach blame or to punish. I sometimes wonder if the agenda is to turn this country into one big crime scene so people will be clamouring for the powers-that-be to act and then we'll go completely the other way and live in a police state! Don't think it can happen? It happened in the soviet republics, it happened in Germany and it seems to be happening in the US.

                    "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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                      Badger, so sorry to read that about your father. That's the real cost of these thugs' actions - peoples lives, in one way or the other.

                      I never saw the programme on purpose, these incidents depress me so much, akin to hearing about animal cruelty, I feel helpless in the face of all this madness, where wrongdoers are not punished.

                      I too get sick of the constant excuses. My partner and I, we're both from broken homes, constant arguing and 'rows', in effect difficult childhoods when we were growing up. Both from council homes, not much money kicking about - what went wrong? Why aren't we breeding kids we can't pay for? Why do we both work, pay our way and aren't a burden on anyone? Something went awry there.

                      Agreed punishment should be part of rehabilitation. I'm still looking for the punishment for most crimes though...

                      I think you made a key point Badger about not using adversity as an excuse for all wrondoings, but how we should learn and grow from those experiences - we did.

                      What can we do as individuals? Contact our MP's I guess. Ours has changed political allegiance once and never seems to be in this country. I think we can do something as a group too, we all seem to be at the cutting edge of a lot of the problems.

                      Maybe we can discuss all this when we meet?