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Big Brother: house hates neighbours from hell

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  • Big Brother: house hates neighbours from hell

    Read the news article here.

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    I did cringe the other night (while remembering the BB Noise story we posted before) when the Housemates made a *lot* of noise in the garden - hoping they wouldn't disturb anyone.


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      have to admit I am still watching (but not as much as Matthew!)

      but dont agree with the noise making

      perhaps we should send the EHO round!!

      wouldn't it be great if we knew someone close by.....

      ....who might be able to go down on eviction night .......

      ........and hold up a big banner with the web address on!!

      that would be great!!


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        Surely they'd be compensated. I thought C4 made big bucks from this.

        I hear Michael Eavis looks after the residente of Pilton (Nr Glastonbury) quite well after/during his annual shindig. I've always had this belief thet most peolple don't want to stop others' enjoyment. Besides, there's planes going over the BB house all the time.

        Interesting name for a wood, that.


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          Yeah, I can hear those planes going over the BB house - light aircraft...

          I sometimes wonder if a local airfield is doing flyovers for tourists.

          I too think there should be some compensation, similar to what happens in Glastonbury - however the residents around Glastonbury are not happy at all - compensation or no! This info from their local news and when we lived down there it was on the local news quite a lot.


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            the planes noises are added to the sound when the bb prisoners are talking about something they shouldnt be.

            they also have a lot of bird song in that garden!


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              Hiya Beth - no, the plane noise while they're out in the garden talking. I know the aeroplane noise you mean, it's when the conversation is blanked out, yeah they also have birdsong and sometimes crows, But this is when they're in the garden talking normally.

              I know the tabloids had a few planes go over, one with a football result on a streamer, another with something about Adele on a streamer last year.

              BB prisoners!!!