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'Neighbours from hell' risk having benefits cut

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  • 'Neighbours from hell' risk having benefits cut

    Read the story here.

    Sounds a good idea - wonder if anything will be introduced for home owners etc too.

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    I don't see this ever happening.

    Don't think it would work for home owners (there are some who have the interest only part of their mortgage paid, directly to the lender) - but that isn't housing benefit it's income support mortgage interest (ISMI) paid by the Department for Work and Pensions/ Benefits Agency/ DSS/ Whatever their name is now.

    The only thing that would happen is that the landlord/lender wouldn't be getting their full rent/ loan met and may issue Court proceedings on the grounds of arrears.

    Then you're back into the legal scenario of whether possession will be outright/ suspended/ adjourned.

    If possession is granted then the perpetrator just moves somewhere else .

    It's a start though .


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      It sounds good in theory. It might work for tenants but then their (paid for by the taxpayers) lawyers will bring in the Human Rights Act.

      "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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        As my husband suffered brain injury a few years ago, I had to give up work to look after him. We own our own home and we are on income support and have our mortgage interest paid through housing benefit. However, our neighbours from hell. who also own their own home are able to claim the same housing benefit as us. They are apparently on income support and manage to claim DLA for all five of their sons who apparently all suffer from ADH or whatever it is supposed to be. Both parents also work and are building a new house in the country. I do not want to report them to the benefits organisations as my view is, the sooner they build their new home in the country and get out of our hair the better. It is dreadful when there are genuine people like my husband on DLA and those who are getting it for nothing other than being mini terrorists. It is also a catch 22 situation for us as if they are reported they would not be able to move house as they would be on substantially less money. Yet my husband and I have to deal with their constant abuse on a daily basis and live on a great deal less money than they do. It is crazy to see their mother rewarding them with designer clothes and golf clubs after smashing windows in my home... but of course, they are sick, they have ADH... what a joke!


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          Wait until they move to the new house.

          In the meanwhile, you can correct as much information as possible as proof of their fraud.

          Once they are gone, you may want to reported to DSS cos they are ripping off our tax and they should pay it back love.

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