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TV contestants taken to task over noise

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  • TV contestants taken to task over noise

    Yes, it's that time again, BIG Brother!

    Read the story here.

    Hope to get the personal insight of one or two forum members on this one

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    Who's got personal insight?????? Who???? We're both big Brother fanatics and have been waiting for this for weeks - does someone on the boards live near the house?? Tell me pleeeeeese!!!!!

    Nearest I got to big Brother was best friend shared a flat with a friend of a Big Brother producer and was going to get us tickets to the on of the eviction nights - then they ******fell out! I was gutted I can tell you, still, I know where the ex flatmate works...

    Next nearest is, I was working with someone who was asked to bring his equipment in for one of the BB challenges. It didn't make it to the last series though due to reasons I can't disclose but it maybe in this series!

    Also someone else I worked with auditioned and didn't get through - GUTTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He's in the current MFI ad!

    I liked Alex from last year.

    Er back to the plot. I've always thought the location of the BB house wasn't viable, it's far too near to a residential area and difficult to get to for eviction nights!!! I daren't say the rest...


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      I have to shamefully admit, I watched a lot of BB 3 last time.

      I'd never seen hardly any of BB1 or BB2 (as I thought they looked very stereotypical etc) - and I started to watch BB3 by accident really, it was about 2 days in. I found it really hilarious and quite consuming, most of the time, in between the contestants swimming around and around and around the pool.............remember him?!

      Alex was hilarious, Johnny was pretty funny, Kate was very nice, although I wanted Johnny to win.

      We have E4, so it was good to tinker with the different cameras. I wish they wouldn't censor it so much though - I also viewed it on the web feed (most of that wasn't censored etc).

      I wonder if BB4 will be decent?

      Now look what you've done? I look and sound like a BB groupie, I'm not really!


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        Eviction nights must make a racket! What withall the other entourage, camera crews & papparatzis I don't know how the n'hood will get to hear the contestants, unless one of the neighbours turns their telly up too loud!

        We love BB too. Our nfh problem featured an excess of interest in our private home life (the poor sad saps have hours and hours of footage of washing being pegged out, lawns being mown, kids playing, plums being picked ......etc..........). I wondered if that may have been our bad karma for watching 'BB'.


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          If we had E4 my life would revolve around the tv. That happened when Fame Academy was on and it was on digital nearly 24/7.

          We've seen all the BB series - started watching it about two weeks into the first series. Whoever picked the music for BB is a genius as it fits perfectly.

          It was Sandy that kept swimming (walking?) round and round the pool. He annoyed me to the point of distraction and he peed in the kitchen bin which was to quote Alex; "disgaaaaasting".

          That Sunita women got me, the one who wanted out after a day - as she said; "It's not like I expected, too many cameras". - I nearly choked on my Bacardi!!!! What did she expect? A Buddhist retreat?

          Alex buttoning his shirt behind the door to; 'That's the way I like it' was an all time classic TV moment.

          Agreed Homer, eviction nights must be hell for the neighbours, plus you do get all the TV tourists who have to be chucked off by security guards on a regular basis.

          But who has got inside insight??????? I wanna know!!!!!!!!!!!


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            Originally posted by spinkysay@May 20 2003, 2:01 AM

            Alex buttoning his shirt behind the door to; 'That's the way I like it' was an all time classic TV moment.
            Agreed spinkysay - all time classic.

            I have no personal insight. Who has it??


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              Glad you said that Sue Sounds like your close, but not *too* close!

              Spinky - you can stop jumping up and down now!


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                SUE!!!!! Get your guest bed ready, I'm coming down on the next train.

                Do you ever go and take a look yourself? Like on a sunday morning when there are hardly any crowds and the E4 show is on??? I guess it's from a distance though as it's heavilly guarded - but still, some people manage to throw things over the fence.

                Have to say, after loving Davinna doing the BB series, she's now

                annoying with those same hand movements and the deep self deprecating voice she puts on sometimes. I'm beginning to find her wearing. I think because she failed miserably on 'Reborn in the USA' where she died on her feet as her humour and style is not 'big' enough for America, and of course all irony was lost. I cringed quite a lot when there was no response from the audience for her presenting style - which made her try harder which made me cringe even more!

                I can't wait to see those cars pull up and the housemates step out!


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                  I'm sort of glad you said that Sue - as I suspected it's all waiting and not much seeing - excepting the last night. So better to watch it on TV - but how sad on the last night when the camera pans around the empty house. Stupid, but that really gets to us!

                  Davina did one series pregnant and she wasn't so bubbly and alive and on the ball. She was determined to do it though. I believe Zoe Ball was on stand by during those shows.

                  Oh yeah the rows with Dollar - talk about handbags at dawn!!!

                  I've not watched much of the clebrity USA thing - but I did see the one where rod Stewarts ex peed near the drinking water - what is it with these people peeing where they shouldn't?? Plus some scary woman physically threatening her, whispering threats in her ear - I couldn't believe it! The final should have been Peter Cox and Tony Hadley, Michelle Gayle couldn't cut it - but I think nerves played a big part with her.

                  Tony Hadley has a great voice but a lot of the time looked like someone's dad having a go.

                  Bet you Davina turns up on Friday - even if she gives birth while presenting! She doesn't want to hand that over to anyone if she can help it!


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                    Originally posted by april@May 21 2003, 12:16 AM

                    Feel free to shout at me, but pleeeze no more Big Brother
                    Sorry April, what was that? BIG BROTHER?![/b]

                    Still, didn't quiet hear you?!!


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                      Are U tAlKiNG El33te TAlK ApRiL?!

                      Alright, ok - let's talk HUGE SISTER instead!

                      BIIIG SISTER!


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                        Originally posted by april@May 21 2003, 12:34 AM

                        Nor have I, so don't worry!

                        Just for you...........

                        (There were some un-postable images!)


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                          Oooooh, what did I win April!?! Sounds like a dodgy prize though!


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                            tHERE GOES MY nEW yEARS RESOLUTION OF NOT LOKKING AT ANY MORE SCARY PICTURES (caps lock off now) on the net. What did you go sticking that there for, Matthew?


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                              Originally posted by Homer@May 21 2003, 1:05 PM

                              What did you go sticking that there for, Matthew?

                              Be afraid, be very afraid Homer

                              I was very tempted to post up the Carlsberg one, but maybe a bit too strong!