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    thanks to a member who pointed out this in the guardian newspaper.

    Notes and queries page

    What legal rights do children have over neighbours who refuse to return footballs kicked into their gardens?[/b]
    As always couldn't resist the urge to try and plug the site!

    so I replied...

    In response to J.Radcliffes letter about children and their missing footballs,

    If you visit (neighbours from Hell in Britain, an internet support group) you will read many stories about children "losing" footballs into neighbours gardens.

    One member recently reported to the group that they have been told they must return any such toy, even though there is a possibility that these balls and toys have been deliberately been kicked over their fence.

    If you would like advice and support on any form of neighbour dispute or nuisance, and children inappropriately playing falls into this category, then please come and join the forum board.

    It is free to join and is run by people who have and are experiencing neighbourhood problems.


    If you would also like to reply, and please do!.....the address is....

    [email protected]

    as always the more replies they get, the more likley they are to print the site address!

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    Nice one Beth


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      Yes Beth, well done!

      Let's keep fingers crossed that they print the reply. They should do as it's got "new" information - or the Guardian may contact the site for a bigger picture?

      Mmm now there's a thought.


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        As our American cousins would say 'Way to go Beth', high five

        "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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          Ooooooh, that reminds me, I e-mailed the Guardian the other week (alongside about 30 others! ) with our informal poll results. That would match up nicely for them if they spot the connection.