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New measures in ASB Bill?

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  • New measures in ASB Bill?

    Have just found this article in one of my local-ish papers.

    I'd like to see it happening, but doubt very much it will ever come to fruition.

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    It would be draconian if these courses were a 'one-size-fits-all'. However if they were tailored for each family I think they might work. The big question is, how will they be funded?

    I've heard a story, second hand so I don't know the details, of a family close by. The mother, I was told, was very aggresive towards her children when they were small and also seems to have been a bit of a drinker. The children are now in their mid teens and, from what I've been told, are now regularly beating their mother. It would be flippant to say 'what comes around goes around' because these children are now a problem to other people as the mother seems to have no control over them. Parenting classes might have helped the mother when the children were younger but I'm not so sure they'd have any effect now.

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