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Mum kicked out for son's bad behaviour

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  • Mum kicked out for son's bad behaviour

    Read it online Here.

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    I am surprised that the possession went ahead. There was a case a short while ago where the Human Rights act was used and the Court did not grant possession to the landlord.

    I have a similar case soon. It will be very uncomfortable for me to deal with.


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      A little unfair on a woman whose sons have been trained by their dear absent fathers to be right little **** - and violent with it - and who are not physically strong enough to exert authority.

      Did my sons choose to be other than they are - they are both as tall as I - which is well over 6ft - and built.

      How would I be supposed to control them? Shoot them?

      Having, courtesy of the NHS, remained at the bottom of the heap most of my life, I;ve seen plenty of fathers who, when they do turn up, encourage the sons to behave like yobs - and mother is left with the result. Boys rapidly outgrow the 'clip round the ear' stage now - at twelve many of them are closing on 6ft - and that is the age when they get in with the hooligans of the estate. Are mothers supposed to chain the kids to the walls? Wouldn't there be an outcry if they did!

      In any case, the little darlings in the care of the LAs are often worse than the produce of any single mother - gangs, prostitution - both sexes - drug dealing . . . .

      The root of the problem lies in the short-termism worshipped by the moneyed classes - which in turn leads to the total abandonment of the lower 15% of society - and later, the automatic blame when things go wrong.

      Been there, seen it and done it - and repaired the t-shirt until it would no longer hold stitches. Ditto the boots. It's all very well for 'middle Britain' to blame people for not bringing up their children properly - but where is their example?

      Politicians who employ nannies? Instead of getting Parliament to throw out the 'club' hours that make it impossible to combine politics with good mothering - byt the mother?

      People with good jobs who can afford private schools and 'good' minders and have many 'nice' friends to dump the kids on when that desperately needed winter break is taken in the Bahamas . . .?

      No use asking granny - either she's miles away, the family having had to move in search of work - or she's staring numbly at the box in some abbatoir of a 'nursing home' having lost all her marbles through lack of stimulation in her tower block flat. Used to work in one of those.

      I don't suppose many of those who branded the mother as the guilty party ever offered to take the kids off her hands for a while - or engage the little devil's interest in something.

      I was doing quite well in that direction here while I was able to get out of the house - running computer classes -'Coo, can you make that work?' Even better, when some little dear got his 21 speed derailleur in knots - I could fix it! Wonders! I cold fiox motors too! Grudging respect was starting to appear - but then the library was no longer open during hours when the kids could use the computers, thanks to the council, then I got trapped indoors, again thanks to the council - and the little kids soon forgot - after all, they'd only just started to realise there was more to this one than met the eye, when I disappeared - and their sole influence was once again one parent lumbered all the time and a p***head who turned up when he felt like it in whatever state he felt like.

      I know only too well that many single parents are neglectful - but a good percentage of those are so through sheer ignorance. A lot of the bluster hides lack of self-confidence. (the kids weren't the only ones who used to come to use the computer for very basic instruction - mothers who didn't have the confidence to sign up for a six month course because they didn't even know how to use a mouse - or boot up - or understand any of the jargon - came to me because I was female.

      The trouble started on a wide scale when I was no longer free to move about to disprove the lies NFH1 & 2 told about me. Then the idle core - the few who are genuinely ill-intentioned and malicious - worked their will.

      All thanks to the local authority who took away all the facilities this area had - and think that a new health centre is going to cure everything. Does it give the kids something to do in the evening? The parents a form of entertainment where booze is not the central attraction?