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Filthy home of 'hell' tenants is fumigated

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  • Filthy home of 'hell' tenants is fumigated

    Read the whole dirty story here!

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    It is quite plain that the poll I caught on the radio re Bristol being the city of worst neighbours in Britain was accurate - it is also obvious that Bristol Council qualify as the worst landlords - I've seen little here that I haven't had to put up with in the seven and a half years I've been here - our house was disgusting when we moved in - becaus the council totally ignore - and still do - the inspection for fitness clause in the Homeswap scheme (my son heard a woman in the CAB complaining her flat was jumping with fleas - again, a Homeswap thing) - I have NO recourse as there is no way I can afford the law - and of course, can't get to court to handle my own case.

    I wasn't able to personally inspect the place - my disability prevented a 1,000 mile round trip - the vidoe of the place we were shown was, we found of a different house (the bathroom in the video was pink - it has since been stripped to plaster in several places - and obviously has never been pink! They used the same type of house - built on a corner like ours, there are two at each road-end - and when my ex came down they had packing cases and out-of-place furniture all over the place - oddly enough precisely where the worst spots were. The lighting was also extremely low wattage - but of course, my ex was too dim to notice that sort of thing. The carpets they were 'exchanging' proved to be the old carpets that were laid under the ones they took! - filthy old things full of 50 yrs dirt. I found bits of newspaper that had slipped behind skirting boards (when I ripped the worm eaten bits out - the rafters are also worm eaten, as are stairs and no doubt joists. Why should worms stop dead at the skirting boards???)

    We don't have just one or two NFHs - the whole damn lot are as bad now the only 2 decent families have moved - they were lucky enough to own - but the council won't do a thing about it. They know full well that we cannot afford to sue - or even withhold rent because of the housing benefit is paid direct. We should at least be able to complain and get that stopped - but of course, ombudsman doesnt deal with individual cases - tho if I could afford a solicitor, this house would come under his remit because of the theft of money and goods that went on while the extension was being built - and the fact that it does not come up to standards. After the building inspector came the once to see the drains, that was it - the rest of the place was left half roofed - there is no protection behind the tiles so the wind howls thru - onto the heating pipes and straight through the loose paper acoustic tiling. - which is why I can never get the temp over 57 even on the mildest day in winter. It is more often nearer 50F - with heating.

    To be honest, I read a lot of these stories - ike the 'fumigation' one - and think if that is all that they have to deal with, I'd regard it as paradise. "Which problem affects you out of a list?" If more than one, which?

    Matthew you really should put a category in - the whole damn lot and more beside!

    To top it all, a lot of the problems - like the roof for instance, and the state of the place when we moved in - and the council allowing their tenants to harass others without taking action - are the fault of the council in the first place . . . but a concil tenant is not protected by any estate agent's 'neighbour survey' as obviously the council isn't going to advertise themselves as corrupt, lazy and self seeking, are they?!

    I'm cerrtainly not saying that people who put up with grief from only one bad neighbour or problem don't suffer - I have lived in situations like that, and I did - but this is a living hell and I spend hours a day wondering what the hell I have done to deserve this!

    I know why it can happen though - greed is good! Lazy scrounging crips are of no account!n (as well as being jerks, of course! Not that we have ever actually complained about noise - there would be no point! But since we would complain would it work, we MUST be jerks. The temptation to give them a taste of their own is getting SO strong - particularly as we are equipped for it, equipment and brain-wise - while that lot are not - but it isn't the way I was brought up and it isn't the way I've brought up my sons.

    Seriously though - as we have no way of obtaining legal relief - what is the point of remaining on the moral high ground???