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Blunkett calls for community role in tackling anti

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  • Blunkett calls for community role in tackling anti

    Community groups should have a say in the prosecution and punishment

    of antisocial offenders, says the home secretary, David Blunkett.

    Read the full story on the Society Guardian website.

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    Oh he does does he? What does he suggest in a case like mine where the entire 'community' commits crimes against one person - me - in return for the 'offence' of 'tawking porsh' (speaking correctly, not stealing Porsches) - and - supposedly, they've never had concrete proof because as I've hardly ever been able to get out of this cold damp prison, they've never seen me in any social situation - being gay.

    I am - and would, because they act the way they do, would flaunt it - things couldn't be worse, but the crazy thing is, my ex-husband who was gay and looked it, never had any problems. Perhaps it was because he was nearly my height but built - and could handle himself. Ex-forces - I've seen him deal with six men at one time. When one can handle oneself it shows - I was never once even approached altho I used to hitchhike all over, walk at night in the dodgiest of places . . . it's the way you carry yourself.

    Even now I'm in a wheelchair, after a couple of tentative attacks which I dealt with promptly and painfully, the little bastrikethroughdarlings and bigger louts confined themselves to verbal abuse/stonings - ok cos they are ROTTEN shots so I'm safe as long as they aim at me! and rubbish chucking. The arson isn't so funny but again, they've never succeeded in landing anything anywhere vulnerable - they daren't come in the garden thanks to the dog - cousin to half the police dogs in Bristol as I found out who their breeder was . . .

    So where does that leave things? What do YOU think Blunkett would suggest.

    I noted on a link on the site (too cold to sit here long enough to read it at the moment!) that the first intelligent thing Blair has come up with got shouted down! No Child Ben. for truant's parents.

    Excellent idea and with relation to some of my own ideas on that subject.

    must dash before the blue bits actually drop off



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      Thanks for that Helen,

      long time no see!! Hope all is well in your life.

      I think Mr.Blunkett is going to be encouraging trouble with that one, I can see kangaroo courts springing up all over,

      and of course how can you the victim give a objective view on procedings and possible punishments?

      If the whole community had been affected by on person or group, as we can see happens from members here, the victims are going to "gang up" for a harsh judgement, whether the person/s deserve it or not.


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        Cant help but think Mr Blunkett is the world leader in "knee jerk" legislation designed to stop the moral and social degeneration of our society but which will probably cause bigger divides than they are 'designed' to heal.


        "Take off and nuke the site from orbit- it's the only way to be sure!"

        apologies if you are an "Aliens" fan

        Posh Noodle - NOT for the likes of YOU!!