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Rail maintenance may mean village never sleeps

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  • Rail maintenance may mean village never sleeps

    Read it online at NFH.

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    He added that hotel accommodation had been offered to those residents worst affected by the noise but several people had turned down the offer[/b]

    Did he say where the hotel accommodation was - how far from home family work etc etc? What quality it was? Whether kennelling was offered for pets? What about other things that people can't just up and leave?

    I'll bet he didn't. It was the same as when we had the side of our house ripped off while there was several inches of snow on the ground - the council offered myself and a carer a bare flat. As all our furniture here is built in to make room for humans to live in the tiny rooms as well, we couldn't take it with us - and this affected me particularly - I'd have had no phone (ideal for someone in my condition - which would have meant no pc - my only social contact) . . . rarely is 'offered accommodation' anywhere near suitable or accommodate all the needs of the persons involved.

    Never mind though - we can't do anything which might knock a few pence off profits - remember the creed:

    "Greed is good."

    That woman was responsible for a large part of the social breakdown we now face.