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Neighbour is jailed after parking row knife attack

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  • Neighbour is jailed after parking row knife attack

    Read it online HERE.

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    It is a frightening indication of what is going wrong with society. I can understand why that chap snapped in the way he did. I bet all those cars were not taxed and insured. It goes to show how inadequate the laws are to protect not only our property but us also.

    This bears out what I have been saying about Madhatter running around with a knife, it appears you can be in possession of a weapon and the authorities do nothing, when you stab someone then they finally sit up and take notice.

    I am lost for words as to what you are supposed to do when you have exhausted all the avenues of these organisations which in all honesty are supposed to act. They fail spectaculary. I often think that they are busy doing nothing working the whole day through.

    I feel sorry for the guy who has gone to prison, he has lost his good name, his job, his life all because of the idiot of a nextdoor neighbour who provoked him. I don't agree with violence, but it just shows how easy and quickly things can get out of hand.

    Not everyone will agree with what I have put here, but I can understand how you just take so much and then something inside you just snaps.