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  • rich and famous!

    did you see that Michael Douglus and that Catherine Zeta Jones person are being sued by their neighbours in USA?!!

    Appartently they have an oldish noisy air conditioning unit that the neighbours say keeps them awake at night and is making them ill.

    if only life were easier here.....they can just sue on a whim, and knowing that the douglus' have money too must be quite an incentive!!

    If they are being kept up all night by the noise they should ask the sex addict to stop!!

    Sorry couldnt resist!!

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    Michael Douglas has about 140 million dollars to his name. So this law suit is peanuts to him and Catherine Zeta Jones. In real terms it is the equivalent of someone suing us for £1.50 !

    Douglas has many homes dotted around the world, Majorca, Aspen, Los Angeles and New York to name a few, and the one they are having built in Wales is causing much anger among the locals in Mumbles (Swansea). Apparently the LA Planning bods have ignored the locals objections and gave the green light to the plans for this whacking great property, which in efect has windows looking into and onto their neighbours properties. It just goes to show if you have money you can buy and appear to do what you like which is not that different to NFH !

    Still, would you want to be married to Michael Douglas - I certainly wouldn't money or not - I'm not that flippin hard up.

    Health and Happiness you just can't buy. But it goes a long way in helping you to achieve it.