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Good neighbours become good value

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  • Good neighbours become good value

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    The end piece of this is where the idea of getting estate agents to put "Good Neighbours" on their property particulars.

    I personally think that is an absolutely fabulous idea - it really is. Especially for Sallyanne, they are hoping that their next move will involve having good neighbours, but apart from that sellers information booklet there is really no way in telling what you have as a neighbour.

    Still, I do think that once one estate agent takes up the mantle then others are bound to follow and the sooner this happens the better.

    However, in our point Madhatter moved in after us so I guess that doesn't count does it ?


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      I agree Scooby, actually I'm surprised no Estate Agents haven't done it yet, it would surely give them good PR and an extra selling point?!

      I expect before they 'list' a home as having good neighbours (and they'd have to 'classify' what good is!) it would have to be 100% definite/sure as the way would be open to sue esate agents if after moving in, the info was wrong?!

      If anyone knows of a house in a field (yes, I'm serious!) for Beth and I next year, with no neighbours, please let us know Yorkshire preferably.