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  • Richard and Judy

    Did anybody see Richard and Judy tonight? There was a story about a couple who bought a house and then took their seller to court because he hadn't told them about a neighbour dispute involving access. The judge awarded them £67,000 (I think), approximately half the cost of the house.

    There was a write up in today's Daily Mail as well, unfortunately it's not online. I did write to Richard and Judy's site and ask them to include this site on their links page, not heard back yet. Probably won't either *sigh*

    "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi

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    no I didn't see it, personally I have difficulty in watching Richard and Judy since Alaister McGowen started taking them off!

    If they linked us that would be great!

    if any body sees a relevant story on tv or what ever please can you contact them and tell them about the site, the more publicity the better.

    you go Misty!!


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      I saw a report about it on News at Ten. You were right, it was £67,000.

      However the reporting wasn't up to much as it wasn't explained properly.

      They cut short the story of what it was about to show the reporter getting the two opposing sides 'making up'.

      Very staged and obvious, set up to look like the News at Ten reporter had done some mediation with 'these people who have petty squabbles'. Reading between the media set up - one woman said "Yes now that the wall is up we don't mind them driving down here"

      - so obviously it was 99% settled anyway. I just hate it when the media trivualises these matters.



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        I did read the write up in the Daily Mail.

        I agree with Misty, this really needs some oommpphh on getting this site brought directly into the public domain. I only found it out through dipair.

        How many other people have to go to hell and back and just think that they are the only ones who have to contend with this kind of anti social behaviour.

        I think Granada television produces the programme 'Neighbours From Hell'. Perhaps if they were to do another series they could put the website address at the end of the programme.

        But then again you never know who's reading this site do you.

        It's just a thought !