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Alcoholic torched his own flat

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  • Alcoholic torched his own flat

    Available to read on NFH News in full.

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    it is sad that all to often one problem goes with another,

    how many times have people here commented that their NFH has mental health issues, drinking issues or is involved in drugs?

    which is the symptom and which is the cause, could be either way round.

    which came first?

    It must be a huge relief for the other residents though to know he shouldn't be back, when fire/arson is involved it is a huge fear.

    it was only after our NFh1 moved out we found out that he had been having little bonfires in his kitchen sink right underneath the gas heater, we are terraced and everything is connected through the row.

    I am glad we didn't know what risk we were in to be honest! it would of been one more thing to worry about.