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  • Reclaim our Streets

    I just found this in our local paper's website. I hope it delivers the goods

    THE ECHO today joins Merseyside police in launching the biggest crackdown on yobs who plague the region's neighbourhoods.

    The Shop A Yob campaign will be led by readers who say thugs causing trouble on their streets is their biggest worry.

    People will be urged to report any kind of anti-social behaviour they see through dedicated hot-lines - with officers vowing to come down hard on the problem.

    And a new mobile police detention centre has been launched to lock up the offenders.

    Chief Constable Norman Bettison said that from today there will be "firm action" against the anti-social behaviour which leaves householders "intimidated and frustrated" on a daily basis.

    His officers will respond to every call about people committing crime or causing nuisance on the streets, and use the portable prison to round up troublemakers.

    The unit is to tour all six Merseyside police divisions, concentrating on each for a week.

    Tomorrow it will be stationed in the south Liverpool division, which will be the focus of the first seven days of the campaign.

    The south Liverpool Shop A Yob hot-line will be published in tomorrow's ECHO.

    Once the unit is in place, near the Mystery playing fields in Wavertree, people in that area will be able to phone the hot-line when they spot youths causing trouble, drunks intimidating people or any crime on their streets.

    Extra police officers will be on duty in the division to cope with a predicted upsurge in calls. At the end of the week, as the tank moves on to another area, a new hot-line will be published and police resources will be relocated.

    Mr Bettison said today: "In the last decade, authority has been weakened. From today we hope to slowly begin turning the tide and claiming back the streets. Though it will take time.

    "But through this we want anti-social people who are causing fear for others to fear that somebody will be after them.

    "We are turning the spotlight on the housing estates where a minority of people are intimidating and anti-authority.

    "We want to create an atmosphere where people don't cower behind their net curtains at night. We want them to come out and help us tackle these individuals who are causing such misery.

    "Merseyside police has seen a significant reduction in robbery, street crime and car theft. But day to day people do not deal with this type of crime - they deal with trouble on their doorsteps at the hands of people who do not care.

    He added: "What we must also remember is that what is sometimes missing is parental responsibility. Children need good adults and positive values, and in most cases on Merseyside it is there.

    "There are a whole number of people needed to help keep young people on track and it is not a job for the police alone."

    Mr Bettison urged the government to give police "more tools to the kitbag" for dealing with yobs, and added: "I have been speaking to ministers about extending a fixed penalty scheme, which becomes the responsibility of the parent.

    "The current youth justice system can be somewhat long-winded.

    "We hope the mobile police station will give us some of the immediacy we need."

    *As the Shop A Yob campaign progresses over the weeks, the ECHO will keep you informed of action taken over your calls.

    "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi

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    bet your phone line will be busy then misty!!

    I know I would be ringing and ringing!!

    Shop a yob! ha LOL

    love it!


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      Nice one - I bet they get more work than they can handle - hope it has a positive effect in your area Misty

      Go get those yobs!

      In fact, is there anything to stop me ringing and reporting the yobs in your area too?! I hope they are caught at it!


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        Originally posted by april@Jan 21 2003, 11:11 PM

        The Echo brings back a lot of memories of when I was a 'woollyback'*

        'Woollyback' as in here?


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          Originally posted by april@Jan 21 2003, 11:14 PM

          Crikey Matthew,

          What are you the oracle?* * You're amazing, I would never have thought someone from your area had any knowledge of 'woollybacks'.*
          LOL @ April!

          Naaaa, Google is my "oracle"!! Sheesh, what did we do in the days before search engines eh?!!