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    Did any one see "poison Pen" last night on BBC 1?

    it was about a hate campaign in a small village in North Yorkshire which lasted for nearly 20 years

    everyone in the village received letters about other people or family members telling secrets and fabricated facts.

    i.e. your daughter is in the sex trade fact it seems this person put up posters advertising the young lady in many pubs and hotels with her phone number!!

    the person was really vindictive to everyone.

    they only found out who is was by pure accident, and it was an elderly gent from the village.

    he served 2 months in prison in the end which everyone in the village said was not enough for 20 years of hell.

    and he is still living in the same house next to all the people he caused problems for.

    life is shocking!

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    Originally posted by E.Beth@Jan 16 2003, 2:46 PM

    and he is still living in the same house next to all the people he caused problems for.
    That's what struck me, although I only saw the end of this program, that the 'Poison Pen' letter writer still had the confidence to live in the same village/house (only a small village of a few hundred people too) after all of what he'd done (even though he was still denying it?).

    Beth: Wasn't he saying that if he had any repercussions aimed at him from other villagers, etc, he'd have a better guess of where it was coming from in a village he knew well and those people in it? (Instead of moving somehere new/larger area).


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      Yes, 4 months for having such a profound effect on people's lives and the long-term problems that must have caused and is still probably causing...........doesn't seem very fitting really does it.

      There goes a guy with obvious problems - to have no remorse or feelings of regret over what he has done systematically to people over such a long period of time and whilst also still not admitting properly he was the cause.


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        He was given four months but only served two!