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Tenants from Hell

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  • Tenants from Hell

    Just to let you all know that Tenants from Hell is on tonight - I've already set my video for it. I've seen some of the trailers for it and the pictures are a bit gruesome!

    Might be worth a watch?

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    was it any good?

    I was stuck down the salt mine! :lol:


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      Beth, you're always down the salt mine :P

      I have just watched it this evening. I felt very sorry for one of the tenants that wasn't named for legal reasons (it was clear they needed a lot of support from the statutory services and failed to get any until very late in the day). The rest of them just had a complete cheek! :huh:

      One bloke was renting London apartments for something like £450 pw and then subletting them to tourists for £1,000 pw . Another (a woman in Manchester) was claiming Housing Benefit and seemed to be using that to buy £315 Jimmy Choo shoes :banghead: instead of paying her rent - and had amassed very high arrears at her last two tenancies.

      Still have it on video if you want me to save it for you to watch Beth.


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        Ooo yes! please!!

        wanted to watch it but was really busy at work, we normally get to chill a bit on an evening with the service users but there was loads of stuff to catch up on!


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          Oooops, soz, I spoke too soon. OH has taped over it with that Grant Mitchell thing that was on tonight.