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Saddam Hussein Captured

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  • Saddam Hussein Captured

    Just seen this on SKY News, off-topic perhaps, but Saddam Hussein is one massive Neighbour From Hell in many, many ways.

    Iraq Council Confirms Saddam Caught Alive

    BAGHDAD, Iraq - U.S. military captured Saddam Hussein alive in his hometown of Tikrit on Sunday, eight months after the fall of Baghdad, the Iraqi Governing Council said. Celebratory gunfire erupted in Baghdad.

    The statement said Saddam was captured in a joint operation by troops from the U.S.-led coalition and Kurdish Iraqi forces.

    "He was wearing a fake beard and laboratory tests have proven his identity beyond any doubt," said the statement.

    U.S. officials said only that the U.S. military captured a man in the basement of a building in Tikrit during raids seeking Saddam and that initial efforts to verify his identity indicate he is the deposed Iraqi dictator.

    "It certainly looks good," one senior U.S. official said, cautioning more scientific testing, possibly DNA, was being done early Sunday morning to try to confirm the identity.

    British Prime Minister Tony Blair welcomed Saddam's capture.

    "This is very good news for the people of Iraq. It removes the shadow that has been hanging over them for too long of the nightmare of a return to the Saddam regime," he said in a statement released by his office.

    Saddam was trapped in a cellar, dug a hole and buried himself as U.S. soldiers moved into the house where he was hiding, an Iraqi official said Sunday.

    "The American soldiers had to use shovels to dig him out," Entifadh Qanbar, spokesman for Governing Council member Ahmad Chalabi, told The Associated Press.

    Qanbar, basing his account on reports from members of the U.S.-led occupation authority, said Saddam had a salt-and-pepper beard when he was captured. Soldiers photographed him, shaved the beard and photographed him again before running DNA tests, he said.

    "The DNA test confirmed 100 percent Saddam Hussein's identity," he said.

    Qanbar said the capture took place "in a town very close to Tikrit," Saddam's hometown 100 miles north of Baghdad.


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    I was crying when I watched it....I was ok till the Iraqi press started crying when they showed a video clip of HIM undergoing a mediacl test.

    I really hope this is getting to the end now, and a new start for everyone there


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      Forgive me for my cynicism but I think there is more to this than meets the eye. We know Saddam had many 'doubles' so we'll only have the American's word that it's him. Things have been going really badly for the Americans in Iraq and grumbles have been getting louder at home. Bush's Thanksgiving trip has been shown to a bit of a farce, the Administration needed something big to take people's attention away from the bad things.

      And let's not forget that Saddam was Bush Snr's business partner. In fact the only reason Saddam was in power in the first place is because the CIA got him there. In the meantime we and the Americans are great allies of Uzbekistan where people are being tortured and murdered in just the same way they were in Iraq. talk about double standards!

      "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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        Originally posted by Mistyeyeddreamer@Dec 14 2003, 12:38 PM

        We know Saddam had many 'doubles' so we'll only have the American's word that it's him.Â* Things have been going really badly for the Americans in Iraq and grumbles have been getting louder at home.
        I have to admit Misty, Beth and I discussed that too about his doubles and the DNA testing also. The timing, is, as you say, quite convenient.

        Lets hope it is him definitely....time will tell.


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          Taken from another site..just for balance...

          I am not a particular fan of Bush. I think that although his economic stimulus has brought a spectacular level of growth to the US economy it is storing problems for the future. I think that his social policies are divisive, I believe that his inarticulate hectoring is the reason for much of the distrust of the USA. However, I do support his actions in Iraq and the WOT in general, although not Guantanamo Bay.

          The level of apparent hatred displayed by many protesters is baffling to me and I think is down to a deep level of anti-Americanism in Europe. My evidence for this is comparison between Bush and another world leader.

          Bush is the leader of a government that gave some assistance to Iraq, three presidents ago. The other is the leader of a country that sold as much weaponry to Iraq every day as the USA sold in 17 years.

          Both countries agreed, under the auspices of the United Nations, to disarm Iraq, using sanctions initially but by force if necessary. The USA stuck to this principal and spent probably tens if not hundreds of millions of dollars enforcing it. The other country signed contracts with Saddam that would come into force when sanctions were lifted. This country then pressed in the UN for the sanctions to be abandoned.

          Both countries are involved in the war on terrorism. Bush has removed an atrocious from Afghanistan, and despite statements from many that the US would go in, blow up a few people then leave the Afghans to their fate, the USA has not done this. It has remained with a large coalition and is attempting to put things right, a long and thankless task, however 1 million or more refugees have returned to Afghanistan since they went in. Bush then formed another coalition and has removed Saddam from power. They are now in the process of helping set up a democratic government, the first in Iraq since 1968. This has unfortunately resulted in the death of many thousand civillians.

          The other country has fought against one of its own regions that wished to become independent. In the first phase of the war, between 1994 and 1996, over 100,000 people, the majority of them civilians, were killed. Over the next few years limited fighting continued with the death of several hundred, then in 1998 a further campaign by this country drove another 185,000 from their homes.

          During 1999 and 2000 as the fighting continued this country decided the regions capital including the 20,000 civilians who had been unable to flee was a military target. Every hospital in the city was deliberately damaged or destroyed. The army then attacked large numbers of villages with executions of hundreds of civilians and the rape of others. There were many cases of kidnap of civilians with ransoms demanded for their release.

          This is all still going on, but there is little coverage in the countries media, most of which is now controlled by the government.

          George W. Bush came on a State Visit to the UK, the first for an American President since Woodrow Wilson in 1918.

          Vladimir Putin came on a State Visit to the UK in June this year, 5 months ago, the first for a Russian leader since Tsar Alexander II came in 1874 following the marriage of his daughter to the then Duke of Edinburgh. Do you remember to crowds of protestors? No, me neither.

          As i said i've seen it all before. Of the chemical and biological equipment sales to iraq it was approximately 20 american companies from a total of approximately 200 companies from 18 other countries. Overwhelming ? No, extremely underwhelming. And the accusations that there was CIA support for the Ba'ath revolution largely boils down to one senior Iraqi Baath party member saying they came to power on a cia train (and if you read the rest of the quotation, if you search hard enough to find it, he is saying this was in the same way that lenin and marx went to russia on a german train). Does this mean the cia put him in power ? Not at all, and indeed the quotation referred to was a DENIAL by the Iraqi baath party member. If you read most of the nonsense that's going around purporting to show that the CIA put the Ba'athists into power it does nothing of the sort. Oh saddam was seen once in a cia office in egypt 5 years before the revolution.. gee I guess that just must PROVE it.

          The fact is that the Ba'ath party was a Syrian controlled organisation and it was them who was primarily responsible for the Ba'ath party revolution in Iraq. Then of course you've got to account for how saddam came to power in the baath party - there's no evidence of any cia involvment in that process at all (to the best of my knowledge).
          Now, these creatures are bringers of death and misery. They will never eat, they will never sleep, and they will never stop.

          We are part of an ancient secret society. For three thousand years we have guarded the Cities and Towns. We are sworn at manhood to do any and all in our power to stop the NFH from ever being reborn into this world.

          So what's the plan?

          Rescue the damsel in distress, stop the bad guys, save the world.


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            personally I have many reasons to dislike the president of the USA, Iraq is just a little bit of it, personally the environmental issues are bigger to me, because this is going to kill the whole of the world, not just one region of it.

            Hussian was a bad man, is a bad man, they said on the news he is not co operating now.....well what a surprise, did they really think he was going to spill his guts to them?!?!?!

            I hope and pray that there will be the start of peace in that corner of the world now.......we have already done enough damage

            yes we, as in the UK goverment, the people we elected.


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              I'm not sure why the USA would want to pretend they had captured him if it is not really him - apart from the obvious risk of being found out in such an outrageous deception, the fact they they have captured him alive is going to present all kinds of problems in deciding what to do with him. If they wanted to mount a deception along the lines of Misty's post surely thay would have claimed to have killed him, shown blured video footage of a dead man with a moustache, claimed that his DNA matched and said no more. As it is they have a living person who will almost certainly go before a court which will have to start by establishing his true identity - independent DNA tests etc.

              Don't get me wrong, I'm not a great fan of George W, he's dim, but probably not quite that dim


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                I do hope it was Saddam & not one of his doubles :thumbs:


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                  Having spent all of today in the company of Iraqi (Kurdish and non-Kurdish) people who have looked at the face of this man day in and day out for all of their lives, they seem in no doubt that the captured and cornered man is indeed Saddam.

                  And whilst very grateful to British and American forces for finally driving him out of power, there are people who do wonder about the motives to some degree, and I don't blame them. I, personally wonder about oil as a factor in the invasion of Iraq. And you would think from the U.S. stance that the only threats of international/national terrorism came from Islam. I don't know what evidence there is, or ever was, that Saddam was any sort of terror threat internationally, but he certainly instilled terror into a vast number of Iraqis.

                  In 1921 the British and French signed a treaty that resulted in Kurdistan being carved up between Turkey, Iraq and Syria and resulting in fragmentation and suppression, and the coalition forces didn't do the Kurdish and Shi'ite people any favours in 1991...but I'm no expert in middle-eastern politics/history, and we were never taught the slightest thing about it when I was at school (nor were we taught about our involvement in the Raj/South Africa or many Commenwealth nations...not surprising that we are comparatively ignorant, as are citizens of the U.S).

                  Still, the mood I encountered today was one of belief and jubilance in the fact that a man who has carried out a high degree of ethnic(as well as political) cleansing,

                  (at least 182,000 killed in 1988 alone), and is seen as comparable to Hitler in his country, has been unearthed, and will hopefully be brought to justice for the people he has persecuted, tortured and slaughtered.

                  Syria can also be considered an oppresser of it's Kurdish people, as can Turkey. Both have Kurdish populations of millions. And as 1000's pour out of Zimbabwe, for instance, who is going to deal with other world dictators who suppress and murder whole populations?

                  Who next? And on what basis?



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                    Unfortunately as with so many problems in that region, it can all be traced back to decisions made during the time of the British Empire. Although should we continually look back at the past and point fingers of blame?. I would suggest most people desire to live in a democratic society, and I do believe this will occur in Iraq.

                    I personally wonder why Saddam didnt fall on his sword rather than allow himself to be captured by the Americans. Also I now hear that although he is being 'uncooperative' he is actually giving information to the US that has resulted in more of his 'senior aides' being captured.

                    I am left with the impression this man is a complete and utter coward.

                    I hope he is given to the Iraqi people for them to decide his fate.

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                      I am no fan of either Dubya Bush or Saddam Hussein, but I really did find it very distateful when the Americans were holding the Press conference and they hollerd 'We got 'em!!!' to much whooping and cheering. :frown:

                      How Crass... :unsure:

                      I think it IS Saddam Hussein though, I don't think there's any doubt - just look around his eyes, it cannot be faked.

                      And I also don't see any merit in showing him being humiliated with those lice checks - are we not meant to show that we are far more civilised and live a better way???

                      I am not surprised that he still has followers going crazy rioting, I felt mad (and ashamed) too!

                      I don't know how they will ever sort the mess in Iraq out now. It will only get worse if the coalition forces dictate his fate, too :huh:.

                      I've got all political now, so I'll go and put a cold flannel over my head :lol:


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                        the eyes are the windows to the soul.....


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                          he fact is that the Ba'ath party was a Syrian controlled organisation and it was them who was primarily responsible for the Ba'ath party revolution in Iraq. Then of course you've got to account for how saddam came to power in the baath party - there's no evidence of any cia involvment in that process at all (to the best of my knowledge).

                          This maybe true, it may not. However, if it hadn't been Saddam you can be sure it would be another of the CIA's placemen.

                          Iraqis have always suspected that the 1963 military coup that set Saddam Husain on the road to absolute power had been masterminded by the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). New evidence just published reveals that the agency not only engineered the putsch but also supplied the list of people to be eliminated once power was secured - a monstrous stratagem that led to the decimation of Iraq's professional class.

                          The overthrow of president Abdul Karim Kassim on February 8, 1963 was not, of course, the first intervention in the region by the agency, but it was the bloodiest - far bloodier than the coup it orchestrated in 1953 to restore the shah of Iran to power. Just how gory, and how deep the CIA's involvement in it, is demonstrated in a new book by Said Aburish, a writer on Arab political affairs.

                          The rest of the article can be read at:

                          And let us not forget the memorable picture of Donald Rumsfeld shaking hands with Saddam when the US was providing chemical and biological agents for weapons.

                          I'm inclined to agree that Saddam being caught alive presents a lot of problems to the US and UK. There are rumours going around that George Bush's Thanksgiving trip to Baghdad was not all it seemed to be. After all, who wants to eat dinner at 5.30am? Was there an ulterior motive for his trip? Did he make some deal with Saddam or his followers? Funny how the Americans can't find any of the the much hyped WMD but they can find a little hole in the ground where Saddam was 'hiding'.

                          So, we went to war because: a)A president killed his own people. 2)He rigged elections so he'd hold power. 3)Repressive laws meant his people were not free. 4)He threatened other countries with WMD.

                          Using those criteria America is the next logical country that needs regime change. Ruby Ridge and Waco are just two instances when the Federal government killed it's own people. Many Americans are now also questioning whether the attack on the WTC was known about by the Bush Administration before it happened and they allowed to go ahead to give the US the excuse to go to war. Many in the Bush administration, including his brother, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Wolfovitz signed up to the Project for the New American Century, a document that called for America taking the lead in global change. They actually said they needed a 'Pearl Harbour' type event to give them the excuse. And the WTC attack has been likened to Pearl Harbour. Coincidence? GWB did not win the popular vote and was awarded the presidency by corrupt judges. Patriot Act I and now II are curtailing many liberties in the US. And not only has GWB threatened use of WMD he has actually used them against two countries.

                          I'm not making excuses for Saddam. He is a monster and Iraq is well rid of him and his cronies. But the reasons to go to war were sham. I don't think he'll ever come before the International Criminal Court, he has too much dirt he can dish about his dealings with the west. Unless of course some back room deal has been struck.

                          As for Afghanistan. The democratic leader is a puppet of the Americans. The Northern Alliance warlords are just as bad as the Taliban. At least the Taliban tried to destroy the poppy crop. Since they have been 'ousted' opium production has shot up and heroine is flooding the streets of the west. Let's not forget, the CIA and other alphabet agencies used drugs money to fund many 'black ops' including funding Osama Bin Laden. The Bin Laden family and Bush family have many links. GWB made his first million $ when in partnership with Salem Bin Laden. The Bin Ladens were part of the Carlyle group the same as Bush Snr and many other world ex-politicians such as John Major who have made many millions of dollars from buying ailing defence plants and then miraculously gaining government contracts thus pushing up the value of those plants massively. How convenient that those who implemented government strategies can now take advantage of those same strategies. War is great for pushing up profits.

                          Sorry, I could go on for days about all this so I'd better finish now before you all start screaming

                          "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi