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Japanese housewife nabbed for noisy attack...

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  • Japanese housewife nabbed for noisy attack...

    Interesting article from Japan - quite right though, unwanted noise is an assault!

    Japanese housewife nabbed for noisy attack on neighbour

    A middle-aged Japanese housewife has been arrested for bombarding her neighbour around the clock for seven months with high-decibel sounds from a dozen radios and alarm clocks, police said.

    Kayoko Deguchi, 47, who lives in the ancient city of Nara, was held on suspicion of assault and injury because the neighbour, a 53-year-old housewife, suffered from a chronic headache, insomnia and ringing in the ears.

    Deguchi's vendetta may have dated back 10 years, when the victim's family were playing with a ball and it hit her car, police said Wednesday.

    "The suspect admitted that she had played radios. But she claimed to have caused no injury," a spokesman for the Nara city police department said.

    Deguchi ignored repeated demands from the victim and other neighbours to stop the barrage of sound until late September when police stepped in.

    After she re-launched the assault on a smaller scale, police seized six radios and nine alarm clocks from her house in November and finally arrested her on Tuesday.

    Since the spat over the ball, she has quarrelled with the neighbour over petty matters every time they met, the police official said.


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    Ooh, I would imagine this is a pretty serious offence in Japan. They are renowned for their politeness.

    Maybe she will be so shamed she'll commit hari kare (or is it hare kari?) Hope not though, she probably just needs help.

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