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Fined for Elvis CD hell

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  • Fined for Elvis CD hell

    £100 yesterday for deafening neighbours by playing Heartbreak Hotel...

    Read this news article online at NFHiB.

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    AAAAAAAAHhhhhhhhhh ELVIS!! :crazy:

    people really should leave him be! and if they have to play him, (wish they wouldnt!) it should be done very very very quietly!

    that was just mean.....400 times...honestly! :crazy:


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      But why put it on repeat when he wasnt even in? :unsure:


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        :blush: *confession time*

        where we used to live, we owned our house on a council estate, we were end terraced and were directly linked to a council tenant.

        tenant was a divorced guy with 4 children, noise wasn't too major from the kids, but he would insist on playing awful music at really odd times i.e. it was never regular, sometimes in the evening, sometimes at night, sometimes in the morning, after several attempts to ask him to turn it down, we decided a little of a taste of his own medicine, having recently purchased a surround sound system ourselves, i did indeed have a timmy mallet cd :blush: :blush: :blush: selected yellow polka dot bikini, and indeed left it on repeat and went out for the day. it was only loud enough to cause him a little hassle, about the same as he did to us..

        needless to say.. we cured him! *giggle*


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          I also confess, when I was a lot younger and lived in a flat, I was hacked off by my neighbours nocturnal racket on many occasions and after repeated polite requests had been ignored, I put Guns n Roses's Welcome to the Jungle on full blast at 3 a.m. after he had been driving me nuts since 8 p.m. :angry:

          i never had a problem with him after that. :lol:

          the good thing was, the neighbour downstairs who i got on very well with also heard his racket and then the noise i had made but she thought it was him!!! so she went up to him and had a right go!!!!

          i was young and impetuous then. it worked but might not work for everyone, eh?

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            Originally posted by sweetpea@Dec 7 2003, 12:14 AM


            You should be ashamed of yourself, Timmy Mallet.** * :lol:

            Just kidding you should see my husbands collection, they're not mine honest!

            uhhuh :blush: we still have it tho.. u just never know if we'll ever 'need' it again :lol: