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Man found dead after row with neighbour

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  • Man found dead after row with neighbour

    A PENSIONER has died after collapsing in his Edinburgh flat following a row with his neighbours about noise.

    Read this story and others at NFH in Britain.

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    Hear, hear sweetpea

    He had bother and hassle from his neighbours for months but nothing was ever done about it.

    It' sad isn't it in this day and age that that quote could also relate to many of us here at NFHiB :sad: .


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      why does nothing really surprise me any more about NFHs? sigh

      i wish something would get sorted and quickly, to many nfhs playing with peoples lives :rant:


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        Life outside our home is a rat race. you bump into all sorts of odd and

        sometimes nasty people it is a pleasure to retreat to our homes (or it should be)

        to escape these people, but sadly we can't.

        I don't think anything can be done unless! radicaly done for "example".

        All new tenants should be on a 1 to 2 year probationary period on their tenancy

        and if they are a private householder then they could be penalised by a rise on

        their council tax reveiwed every year depending on their behaviour.

        Going back to council and H.A. tenants, when they are evicted they are not

        rehoused in normal houseing but in a special town built for ANT-SOCIAL-TENANTS

        where unless they show a marked improvement in their behaviour, say a

        3 year clean sheet, they will be unable to move back into a normal neighbourhood.

        Well folks thats my sermon for to-day.

        :drunk: :toilet:

        :nfh1: :nfh1: :nfh1: