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A refuge for old folks with attitude

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  • A refuge for old folks with attitude

    The newly-built village outside Nairn, 20 miles from Inverness, is a community designed to meet the needs of what is certainly a growing market. To buy a home there, you must be over 45 years old, and if you have a family, your children must have fled the nest.

    Read this story in full at NFHiB News.

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    this sounds great at first glance, like it would be a peaceful haven...

    so why do i feel this place could end up as a hot bed for NFH activity? i have visions of 'wrinklies' rowing over who owns what bit of the communal ground and endless oneupmanship over who has the best pond, conservatory etc etc

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      I'm not quite sure why I don't like this. I'm well into the over 45 age bracket and I'm certainly not into acting my age but this feels a bit wrong for me at least. I think it's probably the deliberate exclusion of children. I'm sure the residents would all be indignant if someone discriminated against them because of their age, sauce for the goose etc.

      I think the journalist is a bit confused too - He quotes Pete Townsend of The Who was "Talking about my generation" he seems to have forgotten the most famous line from that song "I hope I die before I get hold" - not quite the intention of this geriatric retreat.

      Still, each to their own :wacko: