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£2,000 for neighbour checked out by PC

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  • £2,000 for neighbour checked out by PC

    A POLICEMAN has been given a warning after he used the Greater Manchester Police computer to look up a neighbour's details following a row over a dog.

    Read the story online at NFH in Britain.

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    Hmmm .. I've purposefully avoided buying a house next door to a policeman/woman for this very reason ... some are ok, but there are others I wouldn't trust.

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      It sounds as if he got off lightly with a fine and a written warning, it's a complete breach of trust from someone in his position.

      He was a real idiot to have told her what he'd done though :blink:


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        I'm gobsmacked that he wasn't sacked on the spot!

        Somebody asked my husband to check a car registration number on the PNC once and he was horrified, refused adamantly to do it. It's absolutely forbidden!

        I suppose Manchester ratepayers only consolation is that it will be a black mark on his record

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