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Father is cleared of murdering neighbour

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  • Father is cleared of murdering neighbour

    A Wednesbury man was today cleared of murdering a neighbour who he stabbed in the heart during a street battle ignited by the victim's brother.

    Read the story in full online at NFHiB.

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    This is what ultimately happens when councils say: "Oh, no. Let's not do anything." When the police say: "Oh, no. Let's not do anything." When social services say: "Oh, no. Let's not do anything." When the courts say: "Oh, no. Let's not do anything." For years, and years and years. :rant:

    I'll bet there are people in Wednesbury who are shaking their heads saying: "I could have told them this would happen, eventually." :sad:


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      I read it as being more of a family feud, nothing really to do with the local authority.

      All this over a relationship and probably some stupid remark passed between two families like chinese whispers that just grew out of all proportion and culminated in a tragic murder.

      Childish behaviour. If people learned to communicate better with each other this kind of tragedy need not happen, IMO.


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        I had to do jury service once and even though we knew the guy did it, we had to have 100% certainty that he did actually do it

        which we didnt

        so he got off, its not easy when you are in that situation.

        the judge says to the jury you must make a decision without a shadow of a doubt whether he is guilty or not guilty, if you have a single doubt then you must find him not guilty


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          Hi Beth,

          Isn't it reasonable doubt, or is that just in films?

          Blue Cow


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            thats the phrase I was looking for!

            and yes they really do say it!! :lol:


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              Whew - at least my life isn't all nappies and telly (or is it??) :unsure:


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                I read it as being more of a family feud, nothing really to do with the local authority.

                I don't think so reading the story, unless you mean a dispute between families which is probably a large proportion of the stories on this board.

                The article doesn't go into detail but it states that there had been a campaign of harassment so I go along with Neighboured comments.

                All because those authorities that we report these issues to won't act. Is it any wonder that this kind of situation develops?

                I sincerely hope David Blunkett has heard about this story. I'm still waiting for these initiatives of his against anti-social behaviour to take effect.

                I think cases like this highlight even more the need for NFHiB. Its been a huge help to me and to others who are being affected by similar problems.
                Now, these creatures are bringers of death and misery. They will never eat, they will never sleep, and they will never stop.

                We are part of an ancient secret society. For three thousand years we have guarded the Cities and Towns. We are sworn at manhood to do any and all in our power to stop the NFH from ever being reborn into this world.

                So what's the plan?

                Rescue the damsel in distress, stop the bad guys, save the world.


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                  I don't think it's wise to generalise over an issue like this especially since the article does not go into detail. I would say that it is very unusual for someone to be "discharged" when there would appear to be no doubt that he fatally stabbed another. I would imgine that there must have been very strong mitigating circumstances. Even then the more normal course would have been a lesser charge, say manslaughter or GBH.

                  Oh, and I think it is "beyong all reasonable doubt" for a criminal case and "on the balance of probabilities" in a civil case.