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Estate against new neighbour

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  • Estate against new neighbour

    Plans by the YMCA to build a residential cum training centre on a new Coventry housing estate look set to be approved, despite objections from more than 400 neighbours.

    Read the whole story online at NFH in Britain.

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    The reason the YMCA are going ahead amidst such strong oposition is because the YMCA will know that they are right and that everyone else is wrong.

    "It also notes the YMCA has agreed to set up a community liaison group to address residents' concerns and to ensure a member of staff is permanently on site to provide a point of contact."

    This will provide enough soap and flannel to bathe all of the neighbours twice a day for 100 years.


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      I am not sure about this one. If there are enough safeguards in place and the place is properly managed then why should it become a magnet for drug pushers and burglars??

      is this a bit of NIMBYism?


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        Originally posted by Annabel@Nov 5 2003, 10:04 AM

        is this a bit of NIMBYism?
        Probably more than likely methinks Annabel!


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          is this a bit of NIMBYism?

          Sounds like it to me!