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Catch a speeding neighbour on film

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  • Catch a speeding neighbour on film

    Residents could be asked to clock speeding vehicles on behalf of the police.

    Speedwatch involves volunteers being trained to use monitoring equipment, such as speed guns...

    Read the whole story online at NFHiB.

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    I could do with one of those speed guns

    have invited every one to monitor speed but just had one of those strips across the road for a week, hummph, as much good as a chocolate fireguard!

    another one of my moans, sorry, hate speeders, two little boys and their daad were nearly killed on my road by a maniac driver, and they were on the pavement,

    that was two years ago and I am still waitng for the council to do something :rant: and thats after a 400 name petition!!!

    I have heard they are looking in to it! yeah right!!! :banghead:


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      I am not sure about this either!!! I fell very cynical. I dont agree with speeding but this could get out of hand, with people snitching on others for going a few miles over the limit.

      cant help thinking , despite what they say, this is more to do with raising revenue than cutting road casualties.

      cant they think of something more worthwhile. e.g. stamping out nuisance behaviour...get the community involved in looking after others??? not just picking on motorists all the time...?

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        We and other residents once asked the police and council to address speeding in our road. They both denied that there was a problem. Much stroppiness ensued and the police eventually agreed to do some speed checks. This involved very large policeman in bright yellow fluorescent jacket standing conspicuously in the road pointing large speed gun at approaching motorists. Results, motorists slowed down and none were caught speeding. Thereby proving to the satisfaction of the police that there is no problem. When fat yellow plod departed, the graduates of the Michael Schumacher school ot taxi-driving re-appeared at their traditional speed.